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Finally. Functional swords that look like the originals, feel like the originals, flex and balance like the originals, and finally, can actually cut like the originals. We offer a large selection of historically accurate Functional Swords and Functional Daggers They are as battle ready as those forged 500 years ago, made today by Windlass Steelcrafts . Whether your interest lies in swords, rapiers, armour, Medieval weapons, the SCA, LARP, fantasy, Japanese swords, the Crusades or the history of the Wars of the Roses hundred years war, you will find great medieval relics at! We also offer true functional Chain Mail that is used by practicing western/european martial artists as well as stage performers. Our chain mail is also quite popular for medieval reenactment and rennaissance faires.

Windlass Steelcrafts

Windlass SteelcraftsReliks is proud to be a premier retailer for Windlass Steelcrafts. Windlass Steelcrafts understands the need for accurate functional swords from Greek and Medieval to the Renaissance periods. But they don't stop there, creating licensed replicas from Braveheart, Assasin's Creed, Marvel Comics and many more.

Windlass Steelcrafts

SkyJiro Forge Swords

SkyJiro ForgeReliks is happy to announce exciting news for the practicing martial artist, sword collector and Japanese sword enthusiast. We now offer the SkyJiro Forge lineup on! You are sure to be impressed with this line from quality of blade workmanship to the final fit and finish on every sword. We are very excited to bring Reliks customers this high quality line of swords as they are dollar for dollar some of the best katana being offered today.

Skyjiro Forge Katana

300 Rise of an Empire - Helmet of Greece300 Rise of an Empire - Helmet of Greece

The helmet of Greece from 300 Rise of an Empire is a treated 18 gauge steel helmet giving it an antique bronze finish. This Greek helmet can been worn my most people with a soft adjustable padded cloth lining. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts. .... read more

300 Rise of an Empire - Sword of Calisto300 Rise of an Empire - Sword of Calisto

From 300: Rise of an Empire, the Sword of Calisto is crafted by expert sword smiths out of a hand forged high carbon steel! This sword is not only an amazing movie collectors piece, it is a real sword! To complete the aged movie look, the blade is treated with a special antique finish. The Sword of Calisto commemorates the movie 300, The Rise of an Empire di.... read more

300 Rise of an Empire - Shield of Calisto300 Rise of an Empire - Shield of Calisto

The 300 Rise of an Empire Shield of Calisto is crafted from 18 gauge steel. To look the part from the film it is expertly completed with an antique bronze finish. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is highlighted in the embossed face of Medusa at the center of the shield. The Calisto shield measures 30" across and is equipped with a leather sleeve an.... read more

Cold Steel Two Handed Panga Machete W/SheathCold Steel Two Handed Panga Machete W/Sheath

If you like the look and cutting power of the traditional African Panga Machete, you're going to love the two handed model. It's ideal for even the biggest jobs and will shear through small trees, saplings, limbs, vines and thorn bushes with equal abandon. An excellent companion whenever you venture out into the field or forest it's tough as nails and will p.... read more

1305 Years Ago Today

April 24, 709 - Saint Wilfrid dies-A monk of Lindisfarne Abbey and later Bishop of Hexham, Wilfrid spread the Benedictine Rule and worked to establish Roman Catholicism over the influence of the Celtic Church in England

1156 Years Ago Today

April 24, 858 - St Nicholas I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

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KA-BAR Knives

Ka-Bar KnivesFor those of you looking for a very high quality world renowned knife KA-BAR is an excellent choice. The original KA-BAR USMC Knife remains the first choice for many Marines during service. It is also a favorite of adventurers, survivalists, outdoor sportsmen and, of course, knife collectors who know this knife as an American Legend.

KA-BAR Knives

Darksword Armoury

Darksword ArmouryCanadian Company, Darksword Armory's combat ready swords are individually hand forged using the same techniques as those used during the 14th Century. Producing historically accurate designs of medieval swords, Darksword Armory has gained a good reputation in the combat ready medieval swords community.

Darksword Armoury

Paul Chen & Hanwei Swords

Paul Chen Cas HanweiWe offer many Practical Functional Japanese Swords produced by Cas Hanwei under direction of Paul Chen. These battle ready functional Katana's are hand forged like the originals. Paul Chen's katana's feature differentialy tempered blades and appeal to the martial artist and collectors alike. Cas Hanwei's blades available today would have been worthy swords for the Feudal Japanese Samurai.

Paul Chen / Cas Hanwei