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Sword & Knife Accessories

Complete your costuming, display your swords and keep your blades sharpened

Your swords and knives can be kept looking new with the same cleaning, protective and sharpening supplies we use. We also have several display and storage options available for your knives and swords from economical display stands to full furniture grade displays. We even have belt's, frogs, carrying cases and bags to safely transport and wear your swords to ren-fairs, medieval re-enactment or larping events.

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Kukri Trainer


Kukri Trainer

Posted: Feb 07, 2018

Kukri Trainer added to the Knife Accessories section.

Now you can practice with one of the most popular fixed blade knife designs in relative safety - with our santoprene kukri trainer! Each trainer has been carefu

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Magnesium Fire Starter


Magnesium Fire Starter

Posted: Dec 02, 2017

A new image was added to the (Magnesium Fire Starter) gallery. "This is perfect for the camper, survivalist, outdoorsman and prepper who is putting together a disaster "bug out bag""

Flint Survival Tool


Flint Survival Tool

Posted: Jul 19, 2017

Flint Survival Tool added to the Tactical / Survival Tools section.

It's hard to find as many survival features in an item as one would in the SOG Flint. The Flint packs enough survival and defensive components to get you throug

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