Practical Plus Series

Forged Katana's by Hanwei and Paul Chen

Hanwei and Paul Chens Practical Plus Series has set the benchmark for quality semi-production martial arts grade swords. If you have ever participated in a sword martial art you probably know or will know someone who owns one of these pieces and is very happy with it's performance for it's value. These katana are great beginner to intermediate swords for tameshigiri.

Practical Plus Katana
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By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

In an effort to provide a katana that will perf...

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Practical Plus Tanto
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By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

The Practical Plus Tanto gives the martial arti...

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Practical Plus Katana Performance Series

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

The Practical Plus Performance Series Katana pr...

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Practical Plus Wakizashi
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By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

Made as a companion piece for our Practical Plu...

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Passed the Test of Time

The practical plus series has become a staple in the sword industry and has set the benchmark for quality on semi-production katana. This piece was developed for the martial artist over two decades ago with the aim to provide a quality and safe sword for martial arts practice that would not break the bank. Over the years this sword has reached many hands and has cut even more tatami mats then can be counted and it still finds it way at the front of the pack for new martial artists. With so many incredible swords available on today’s market that speaks volumes. This sword series has passed the test of time and will likely find its way into martial artists arsenals for many decades to come.

Stamp of Approval, Bordering Legendary?

Legendary? That is a bold statement and we are happy to make it. Why is the Practical Plus series legendary? The PPK and family of swords that followed are so remarkable because they are.... well, not remarkable. What I mean by that is these swords work and keep on working and don't rely on fancy dressing or gimmicks to make them work. They are forged with a basic high carbon steel blade with a traditional clay tempering to produce a genuine hamon. The Tsuka-ito is not made with a traditional silk or cotton but with a thoroughly researched and produced material that increases grip during use while still feeling like a traditional ito. This sword looks good, has traditional elements and has non-traditional and improved elements for the growth of the sport and art form. These pieces have an expert fit and finish and are made by the Hanwei forge under direction of Paul Chen. We are happy to give the PPK's our stamp of approval and have confidently recommended them to martial artists for years.