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Capes and Robes

Medieval Capes, Fantasy Capes and Period Robes

Every medieval or rennaissance wardrobe has a selection of capes or robes for any period event. Whether it be a ren-fair or a medieval festival, a themed wedding or any type of costumed event your costuming or garb will be completed with a nice cape. You may also choose to be be fully costumed in a period monks robe.

Monk's Robe

Monk's Robe

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

This may be the most versatile and modest garment one could own, but don't let its simple looks fool you. The person wearing it has most likely earned it through religious, magical or other secretive means. It was a mark of humble accomplishment and immense power. Rough textured ....

IN STOCK- $138.99

Wool Cloak

Wool Cloak

By: Get Dressed For Battle

Our medieval cloak by GDFB is crafted in pure wool with a full linen lining and full hood.

Stock: *IN STOCK
Price (USD): $106.67

Knights Templar Cape

Knights Templar Cape

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

This long Knights Templar Cape is one of the heaviest and most elegant we have ever offered.

Price (USD): $178.99