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Sword Sharpening

Sharpening service for functional European swords
Belt grinding a sword

We offer a sharpening service for the practitioner who will be target cutting with a functional carbon steel blade. The edge will be ground to a 30 degree cutting edge which is optimal for target cutting. This method of edging a sword is far from traditional but is a cost effective way to enjoy using your medieval swords, daggers and functional blades.

We do not offer a sharpening service for our Japanese styled blades. Sharpening of the Japanese sword is achieved by a professional blade polisher, requiring years of experience. WE WILL NOT apply a ground edge to any of our Japanese styled blades. Almost all of our functional japanese swords are already properly polished/sharpened and are ready for target cutting out of the box.

Some functional swords are designed with thicker edges for stage combat and re-enactor safety. Due to the edge geometry of these functional blades, the sharpening service is not available.

If you are planning to cut please obtain the proper training before doing so and use proper target material as not to severely damage your blade or cause bodily injury. We at Reliks Inc. and will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur by using your sword in practice or play.

*Having your sword sharpened is considered blade modification and will void return or exchange of your piece.