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Edging European Swords and Daggers

Reliks offers a sharpening service on select functional European swords and functional daggers that are made from properly forged high carbon steel and edge geometry for cutting. The edge we apply is approximately 30 degrees which is optimal for cutting soft through hard sword targets while maintaining edge retention. Sharpening the blade any further or at a sharper degree would make the steel too thin and reduce the life of your edge. This could cause your sword to dull quickly and increase the chance of severe damage on harder targets.

The edge is produced by performing light passes on a belt system to start the edge with care given not to over heat the blade. The blades are then buffed and finished by hand using various 400, 1000, 2000 grits to remove and polish off any burring left from the previous processes until the final edge is achieved.

Stage Swords

We offer some functional swords designed specifically for stage use that are over built swords with extra thick edges and rounded tips. Even though these are functional swords for the purpose of theatrical sword play we can not sharpen these swords because the geometry is incorrect and that is not their intended use.

Japanese Swords

We unfortunately do not offer a sharpening service for Japanese katana. These require an experienced blade polisher that specializes in this type of sword. A standard ground edge as used on axes and European swords can't be applied to these swords without modifying their geometry.

Returns / Exchanges

Unfortunately having us sharpen a sword voids returns or exchanges. It is considered modification of the original product and we can not return them to inventory. Manufacturer defects and warranties are still honored with each piece being carefully inspected before sharpening is performed.

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