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Knife Series and Sword Series by top Manufacturers

This is where you will find popular product series brought to us from our manufacturers. Often there are groups of knives or a series of swords that are a part of a series or particular theme. To save you time from searching through the entire site to find them, we will be listing them right here.

Practical Plus Series

Hanwei and Paul Chens Practical Plus Series has set the benchmark for quality semi-production martia... more »

Windlass- BattleCry

The Battlecry line of historical swords, daggers and axes has been designed in conjunction with John... more »

Spyderco Value Folders

One of our favourite series of knives that we offer are from the Spyderco value series, but make no ... more »

Dragon King - Swords Of The Seasons

Dragon King captures the essence of the four seasons beautifully in it's swords of the season collec... more »

Spyderco Para-Military

Whether you are looking for your first pocket knife or adding to a collection, the Para-Military is ... more »

Hanwei - Legends of Japan

This series of three Katana has been influenced by some of the most legendary Samurai and Daimyo in ... more »

Cold Steel Recon Series

The Recon's have a hard earned reputation for reliability and strength. A popular knife with Militar... more »

The APOC Survival Series

Whether it be plague, natural disaster, mass hysteria, nuclear fallout, zombies, alien invasion or m... more »

If you are looking for movie or pop culture inspired knife and sword collections carried by your favouite characters check out our Collections section.

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