Honshu Historical Great Sword

By: Honshu

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Parrying Hooks

Elevate your collection with the Honshu Historical Great Sword, a formidable piece designed for the discerning swordsman. Crafted with precision, this 55 1/2" masterpiece features a robust 33" blade forged from high quality 1080 carbon steel, ensuring both durability and exceptional cutting power. Weighing 6.8lbs, this sword boasts remarkable balance, making it ideal for wielding over the shoulder. Take advantage of its versatile design, which includes a large guard with side rings and integral parrying hooks. These features enable closer-range sword techniques by allowing the blade to be choked up on, ensuring precise control. The dark brown leather-covered wooden handle offers a secure, full two-handed grip, enhancing maneuverability and control during use. Completing its formidable design is a heavy steel pommel that serves to counter balance the blade, providing enhanced stability and control in every strike.


Reliks Product ID 7308
Manufacturer SKU UC3612
Blade Length 33'
Blade Material 1080 High Carbon Steel
Full Length 55 1/2"
Weight 6.8 lbs