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Fun Collectible Gift Items to Decorate Your Castle

Featured - Ka-Barley Bottle Opener

Ka-Barley Bottle Opener

Made of GFN-PA66 and featuring the traditional Ka-Bar oval shaped handle, the Ka-Barley makes light work of prying off bottle caps. Never wrestle with a bottle ever again!! A must have for the collector of the original USMC fighting knives.....

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Featured - Conan Miniature Valeria's Sword Letter Opener

Conan Miniature Valeria's Sword Letter Opener

Capturing every detail from the 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie classic, this exacting scaled replica of Valeria's Sword is sized perfectly for display. Cast in solid metal and plated for a handsome adventure worn look, it includes wooden presentation box. ....

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Medieval Shop with Gift Items and Collectibles

MacQueen Pipes is a family owned and operated Canadian manufacturing company devoted to creative design and fresh innovation in everything that they produce. With the use of a vast array of the highest quality exotic woods and materials from around the world, their artisans skillfully craft and carve each pipe with the highest quality standards and attention to detail. MacQueen's products are all proudly made here in Canada.

Perhaps opening your letter with a 3 foot sword is not as practical as it sounds. Why not try out these medieval and sword inspired letter openers for the task? Reliks offers a variety of medieval inspired letter openers as well as medieval swords, daggers and knife miniatures for your collection.

Shopping for someone else, or trying to save for something big? Don't worry if you aren't sure what they are looking for because they know what they want. Reliks online gift cards are easy to use online or in store. There is no limit to how many can be used on a sale and they never expire. Great for gifts or saving up for a really big item on your wishlist.

At this is the section where we put... I'm sorry I don't know exactly what we put in this section? I guess you will find décor items, mirrors or maybe a skull. You may even find a one of kind thing-a-ma-bopper or a limited edition do-hicky. This section is where we put items that don't quite seem to fit into any other categories.

One of the most prized pieces in a medieval collection is a sword. We have several from all different cultures and time periods. The pieces found in the functional swords section of our site are all hand forged authentic swords that are made the same way they were centuries ago.

The Japanese samurai sword is one of the most popular collectibles found for any fan of the history of feudal Japan. These sword are works of art and are beautiful for collection as well as they are formidable swords for the martial artist. Many of our Functional Japanese swords have been produced like the originals by swords smiths who have dedicated a life time to their craft.