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Decorative Swords

Swords Made for Collection and Display

The decorative sword offered here are built for display or collection. They are not to be used for martial arts or by the enthusiast like the swords found in our “functional swords” section. Modern day fantasy artists mix medieval world inspiration in the creation of historical designs and complete fantasy swords that are incredible collector swords or decoration swords for your decor.

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Decorative European Swords

The decorative swords offered here are built for display or collection and not for use like the swor... more »

Decorative Oriental Swords

Complete your Japanese styled rooms decor with the most popular Japanese samurai collectible availab... more »

Decorative Fantasy Swords

When the modern day fantasy artist throws himself into the medieval world, the mix of historical des... more »

Decorative Samurai Sword Sets

Inspired by the Japanese Samurai these decorative samurai sets take your Japanese display up a step ... more »

Sword Accessories

Want to wear your sword to an event? Hang your sword on a wall? Or just make sure it's clean and pro... more »

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New & Sword Updates

Sword Of Kings

Sword Of Kings

Posted: Apr 24, 2018

"The Limited Edition Sword of the King aquired by Ragnar Lothbrok in the hit show Vikings.." (5) New images were added to the (Sword Of Kings) gallery today.

Sword Of Lagertha

Sword Of Lagertha

Posted: Feb 21, 2018

"History's Vikings Famous Shildmaiden Lagertha's Sword." (4) New images were added to the (Sword Of Lagertha) gallery today.

Sword Of Kings

Sword Of Kings

Posted: Jan 18, 2018

Sword Of Kings added to the Decorative Fantasy Swords section.

The Sword of Kings is a relic held by the reigning Viking king during the time of Ragnar Lothbrok. The age and origins of the sword are unknown, but it is a tr

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Dragon Samurai Sword

Dragon Samurai Sword

Posted: Dec 01, 2017

Dragon Samurai Sword added to the Decorative Oriental Swords section.

The katana is still one of the most recognized swords in the world today. It is nearly impossible to imagine the samurai warrior without the image of their priz

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