Halfling Sword

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Leaf Shaped Blade

Halflings are typically characterized by their love of peace, comfort, and rural settings. They prefer living in pastoral, quiet communities and are known for their ability to remain unnoticed or move silently. These traits often make them excellent thieves or adventurers. Halflings also have a strong sense of community and a fondness for celebrations and meals, highlighting their jovial and sociable nature. They are the inspiration of many fantasy characters in literature, movie and games, most famously in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth stories, such as "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings," where they are also known as hobbits.

The Battle Ready Halfling Sword

The Legacy Arms Halfling Sword is a fantasy style short sword, featuring a hand made, tempered 5160 high carbon steel, leaf shaped, double-edged blade. The blade, pommel and slightly curved cross guard, along with the sheath accoutrements are a matte steel finish. We also included a scabbard so you can carry this GREAT small sword with you on your adventures. It is a hardwood scabbard wrapped in black leather with steel chape and throat accents.


Reliks Product ID 7305
Manufacturer SKU SL0911
Blade Length 15"
Blade Material 5160 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness at Guard 5.4 mm
Full Length 22"
Handle Length 6"
Handle Material Wood
Point of Balance 1/2"
Weight 1 lb 11 oz