Celtic War Sword

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An Iron Age Prize

The Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword is a sword that is designed to look like a human figure. The hilt of the sword is carved to resemble a human figure, with the arms forming the crossguard and the head forming the pommel. The sword is a symbol of the artistic and technological achievements of the Celtic people.

The sword has an interesting history, and it has been the subject of many studies and debates. The sword was used by the Celtic warriors during battles, and it was also used for ceremonial purposes. The sword was a symbol of power and strength, and it was highly prized by the Celts.

History of the Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword

The Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword dates back to the Iron Age, around 600-400 BCE. The sword was created by the Celts, who were a group of people that lived in Europe during the Iron Age. The Celts were known for their artistic and technological achievements, and they were skilled metalworkers.

The Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword was created as a symbol of the Celtic people's power and strength. The sword was designed to look like a human figure, with the hilt carved to resemble a human figure. The sword was highly prized by the Celtic people and was used by the warriors during battles.The Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword has been found in many different parts of Europe, including Ireland, Scotland, and France.

Homage to The Past

This version of the Anthropomorphic sword has been hand forged by the swordsmith's at the Deepeeka forge. It's blade has been forged and tempered from high carbon steel and fit to scabbard made from a combination of leather and wood. The handle has been made from brass and is loaded with detail. An Anthropomorphic hilt of this detail would have been the envy of any Iron age warriors.


Reliks Product ID 7160
Manufacturer SKU AH6425N
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 30 1/4"
Blade Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Full Length 37 1/4"
Grip Length 3 3/4"
Handle Length 7"
Handle Material Brass
Scabbard Wood/Leather
Sword Weight 3.2 lb
Sword, Scabbard Weight 4.6 lb

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