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We would like to start by saying thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to send us such positive feedback. It is always good to know what you think, as it helps us to ensure we keep giving you the best possible customer service.

We would like to post all the thousands of positive customer ratings and comment's we have received over the years but this page would be far too long. We have limited ourselves to displaying only 50 at a time but will update it often as feedback constantly arrives. We have omitted our customers last names for their privacy unless they have opted to include it in the comment posted. We do not edit the posted comment.

" Overall a happy customer. Your system let me know when the item came in and the purchase went smoothly. Cheers. " -R.W. (20 Sep 2020)

" Great transaction will buy from again.Love the Katana!!!!! " -Darwin (20 Sep 2020)

" I'll definitely buy from you again. Just waiting for the Acre from Windlass to get back in stock " -Alexis (18 Sep 2020)

" Keep up the great work. " -Michel (13 Sep 2020)

" Fantastic service ,first rate products what more could you want ? A-OK " -Russell (12 Sep 2020)

" Just that ordering from RELIKs or any communication with your staff in emails or phone calls has always been pleasant, professional and first class customer service .... You could quote me here on your web site if you wish to. " -Jean (23 Aug 2020)

" looking forward to acquiring more from this seller! " -Joseph (22 Aug 2020)

" Very satisfying experience - I'll be back " -Chris (17 Aug 2020)

" I will purchase products from your store in the future and recommend it to my friends. Thank you " -Dimitar (14 Aug 2020)

" I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks crew. " -Adeline (11 Aug 2020)

" All and all, I'm very satisfied. I've bought 2 knives from you so far and I'll definitely be back for more. " -Alex (07 Aug 2020)

" I have also visited the store and also had a good experience, thank you. " -Brian (07 Aug 2020)

" keep up the good work Reliks! " -Darren (03 Aug 2020)

" Will buy again. Stand by lol " -Brian (30 Jul 2020)

" You have excellent products and the quality and reputation as promised. " -David (30 Jul 2020)

" It was a very nice experience. Would order again. Shipping was good. I had a couple of questions on the order which were dealt with well via email. Before ordering I did call the store once just to confirm availability and was given some information in a friendly manner. It helps one’s confidence if one can talk to an actual person. " -Micheal (17 Jul 2020)

" Thank you to all the staff at Reliks. I absolutely love your website and the products you offer. Plus the care and attention to detail when it comes to packaging and delivery of each product I have purchased. I personally wish you all continued success into the future. Mike " -Michael (13 Jul 2020)

" Always enjoy doing business with Reliks. " -William (27 Jun 2020)

" I was very pleased with the product and the service " -Fred (26 Jun 2020)

" Keep up the good work. I stay a loyal customer because of the quality and variety. 🙂 " -Ron (19 Jun 2020)

" A much better experience than I expected to have given this covid-19 problem. Thanks guys " -Terry (02 May 2020)

" Just keep up the good work. An excellent local source. " -Russell (30 Apr 2020)

" All in all I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this business " -Ray (25 Apr 2020)

" First purchase at Reliks but will not be my last. This site has been Bookmarked! " -John (11 Apr 2020)

" I expect to do business with you in the future. " -Michael (06 Apr 2020)

" Don't ever stop being just what you are! As Arnie is reported to have said: "I'll be back." " -Chris (20 Mar 2020)

" Keep up the good work, I'll know where to check next time I want something. Great choice, great prices, great services and fast delivery. " -Doris (13 Mar 2020)

" The quality and craftsmanship of the Rambo II knife are undeniable, which to me, indicates the high standards that Reliks places on the products they sell. I would recommend Reliks to any knife enthusiast, and I would definitely purchase from them again. " -Jolie (08 Feb 2020)

" keep up the good work ......thank you " -Sam (07 Feb 2020)

" I was very impressed with the service from Reliks. Navigating the website is easy and the amount of varied products is very impressive. I will definitely shop Reliks again. " -Dana (07 Feb 2020)

" Keep up the good work and I definitely will be doing business with your company again. " -Stephen (17 Jan 2020)

" I am Satisfied;; And That is NOT an easy thing! " -Boyd (17 Jan 2020)

" Love the site and the products and like that you’re based in Canada. Will certainly continue coming back! :) " -Shawn (10 Jan 2020)

" Everything went great, product packaging was solid and I'm very happy with the service. " -Levi (16 Dec 2019)

" This is my second purchase. All good. " -Wayne (16 Dec 2019)

" Thumbs up! " -Christian (29 Nov 2019)

" Easy to navigate website, reasonably priced weapons and very nicely forged from the pictures and reviews. I can't wait to purchase a real sword! " -Westley (22 Nov 2019)

" Keep up the great work and service! " -James (12 Nov 2019)

" Great to see a business that takes pride in what they do. " -Elle (10 Nov 2019)

" I love all of your products and will continue to shop with you forever " -Gerri (25 Oct 2019)

" I was blown away with this purchase and intend to make many more purchases in the future! " -Michael (17 Oct 2019)

" Like it so much (and the service for other order) recommending your shop to other Axe gilding friends!!!! " -Mitch (17 Oct 2019)

" I've never had an unpleasant experience doing business with Reliks. That's why I keep coming back. " -Richard (06 Oct 2019)

" Great work! " -Doug (30 Sep 2019)

" I have shopped here before and I have always been totally satisfied with my purchases. Keep up the good work!! " -Gerri (24 Sep 2019)

" Overall placed two separate orders which I was very happy with my orders for 4 or 5 different items. I also inquired about a sharpening stone which they gave to me free of charge. THANK YOU RELIKS. " -Daniele (20 Sep 2019)

" Can't think of anything right now. I love you guys and tell everyone how awesome your products are. :) " -Diana (13 Sep 2019)

" Continue to perform admirably. " -Joe (07 Sep 2019)

" Transaction and product were all as advertised. Really great interaction, thanks! " -James (23 Aug 2019)

" Great company that you can trust! " -Chris (25 Jul 2019)

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