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Customer Testimonials

We would like to start by saying thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to send us such positive feedback. It is always good to know what you think, as it helps us to ensure we keep giving you the best possible customer service.

We would like to post all the thousands of positive customer ratings and comment's we have received over the years but this page would be far too long. We have limited ourselves to displaying only 50 at a time but will update it often as feedback constantly arrives. We have omitted our customers last names for their privacy unless they have opted to include it in the comment posted. We do not edit the posted comment.

"I continue to find great pleasure in buying from this company. Thank you." -Robert (01 Jan 2019)

"I am very well pleased with the service and quality of items on offer at Reliks, and would highly recommend your store to anyone interested in authentic sword collecting." -Chris (01 Jan 2019)

"I have made several purchases with your company and have always had exceptional service." -Dave (28 Dec 2018)

"Consistently good service" -Eric (27 Dec 2018)

"Thanks guys keep up the great work! Cheer and happy holidays! Dallas" -Dallas (27 Dec 2018)

"I love this store!" -Dallas (24 Dec 2018)

"Love the inventory, pricing and the fact that you're in southern Ontario. " -Greg (24 Dec 2018)

"You guys rock with regard to your online service. Keep up the good work!!" -Sharon (20 Dec 2018)

"I have looked at every sword and knife and Armour web site and yours is the easy’s to navigate the most informative and gives the best pictures." -John (09 Dec 2018)

"Keep up the good work .i'll be buying more products soon." -Robert (10 Nov 2018)

"Keep doing what your doing guys, your doing a stand up job!" -Pete (09 Nov 2018)

"I look forward to dealing with Reliks in the future. " -Paal (04 Nov 2018)

"As usual, always easy to deal with staff, knowledgeable in all aspects. Keep up the good work!" -Richard (04 Nov 2018)

"Always pleased with service and products" -Al (29 Oct 2018)

"keep up the good work." -Beau (15 Oct 2018)

"Was thinking of expanding my collection at some point and would definitely recommend Reliks. " -John (07 Oct 2018)

"Your service quality is noticed. Continue like this. " -Philippe (04 Oct 2018)

"Was satisfied and will shop at your store again, thank you all for an exceptional experience in online shopping. Your friend, Trevor Calhoun." -Trevor (04 Oct 2018)

"Will be returning for other items" -Tom (29 Sep 2018)

"Always pleased with the products, thank you. Plan to buy again." -Robert (17 Sep 2018)

"Product and service is as good as it gets." -John (14 Sep 2018)

"My first Purchase with Reliks and it was great. Highly recommended.I will buy from them again" -Dave (01 Sep 2018)

"Keep up the good work" -David (26 Aug 2018)

"Quality buying experience. Highly recommended. Would buy from this vendor again." -Vincent (26 Aug 2018)

"Love all three blades l have purchased hope to buy the skull knife soon. Thanks again BOb" -Robert (26 Aug 2018)

"I'd tried unsuccessfully to get a dao elsewhere in Canada, but from now on I will definitely deal with Reliks for all my sword and sword care supplies." -Mark (24 Aug 2018)

"Will definitely recommend." -Jane (26 Jul 2018)

"Really enjoyed working with you. The website showed the product exactly as described and it arrived in a timely fashion. very happy with the purchase and I would send it again." -Tyrone (22 Jul 2018)

"This was my nephew's first sword/dagger, and he was thrilled! The price was super, and it arrived on time." -George (16 Jul 2018)

"At the time this was the only store I could find in Canada with a product I was looking for, bonus points for the awesome find!" -Lorne (12 Jul 2018)

"Don't change anything. If it ain't broke, don't fix it." -Robert (22 Jun 2018)

"keep up the good work, both product and service are excellent" -Stephen (17 Jun 2018)

"Overall great service" -Lori (10 Jun 2018)

"Thanks again for another great tool..." -Greg (08 Jun 2018)

"would highly recommend" -Ronald (01 Jun 2018)

"Working in London very soon for a few weeks and can't wait to spend some cash at the store." -Kevin (01 Jun 2018)

"Everything went smoothly " -Frank F (18 May 2018)

"a pleasure doing business with you and would definately recommend / shop again" -Kelly (13 May 2018)

"I'll be ordering more in the future. Thank you" -Fred (11 May 2018)

"Very happy with the description,pricing and quality .Comforting that you are a Canadian company and I will be a repeat customer." -Ed (06 May 2018)

"Very hard to find a Canadian sword distributor. Pleasantly surprised!" -Peter (06 May 2018)

"Great job Reliks, I can't wait ordering another product from you... possibly the coldsteel paradox?!? Have a eye on this for a while! " -Michael (30 Apr 2018)

"Will for sure be ordering again soon, thanks guys " -Jason (22 Apr 2018)

"I love the store. I tell everyone to check it out." -Jason (20 Apr 2018)

"Congratulations on doing a fantastic job." -Stuart (20 Apr 2018)

"I recommend Reliks to all of my friends who are interested in these types of products." -James (08 Apr 2018)

"Keep adding more viking items and I'll keep coming back for more. I'm happy that you exist and give Canadians a place to shop on this side of the border. Keep up the great work." -Daniel (07 Apr 2018)

"Keep up the great work, I am now a permanent customer & I refer everyone to reliks. Regards" -Tateeyoun (07 Apr 2018)

"Thank you so much, Jamie and the whole Reliks team! Excellent excellent service! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! We will definitely be purchasing again!" -Lateefah (06 Apr 2018)

"Very happy with everything i have purchased from Reliks." -Dave (03 Apr 2018)

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