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We would like to start by saying thank you to all of our customers for taking the time to send us such positive feedback. It is always good to know what you think, as it helps us to ensure we keep giving you the best possible customer service.

We would like to post all the thousands of positive customer ratings and comment's we have received over the years but this page would be far too long. We have limited ourselves to displaying only 50 at a time but will update it often as feedback constantly arrives. We have omitted our customers last names for their privacy unless they have opted to include it in the comment posted. We do not edit the posted comment.

" Will definitely be coming back." -Avery (11 Mar 2023)

" The item itself is very high quality and exceeds my expectations." -kenneth (10 Mar 2023)

" Overall, excellent shopping experience and product!" -Emmanuel (10 Jan 2023)

" Reliks is a great place to shop " -Janny (07 Jan 2023)

" Reliks has always been my "go to" place for edged weapons. Service and advice has always been top calibre." -John (25 Dec 2022)


" Everything was excellent and professional" -Robert (22 Dec 2022)

" It's always fun shopping at Reliks!" -Cameron (19 Dec 2022)

" You guys are the best !!!" -Gordon (19 Dec 2022)

" I will be a return customer for sure and keep up the awesome work you do !!" -Charles (15 Dec 2022)

" Thank you all at Reliks, and wishing you a Happy Christmas and many more years of great business. Gaetan." -Gaetan (10 Dec 2022)

" Bought the sword as a birthday gift for my partner he was extremely happy with it! Amazing work, beautiful detail!! " -Aine (01 Dec 2022)

" Great selection! Thanks again!" -Brian (04 Nov 2022)

" I have recommended this site to my other Martial Arts instructors" -Janis (27 Oct 2022)

" Big fan of Reliks!" -Andrew (23 Oct 2022)

" Good product and good delivery time. Will be ordering a really sword or 2 in the near future now." -Matthew (21 Oct 2022)

" Overall great all around." -John (15 Oct 2022)

" This is a great store to shop from. Thanks " -Theodoros (14 Oct 2022)

" Keep up the good word" -C Jonathan (07 Oct 2022)

" Keep up the good work." -Brian (06 Oct 2022)

" Keep doing what you're doing. " -Phillip (06 Oct 2022)

" Keep up the good work!" -Christopher (30 Sep 2022)

" Highly recommended shop!!! I will shop from Reliks again!! " -Theodoros (30 Sep 2022)

" My husband said: thank you!!" -Armida (30 Sep 2022)

" Keep doing what you're doing. " -Paul (26 Sep 2022)

" Couldn't have been any easier. Quick shipping and nice product. I will be back." -Barry (25 Sep 2022)

" thanks very much, quality products and great shipping time, all the best Chris and Jamie." -Lee (25 Sep 2022)

" Thanks again Reliks team for a great experience buying a fun sword to add to my collection. I will be back for more!" -Eric (25 Sep 2022)

" Keep up the good work!" -Christopher (17 Sep 2022)

" Absolutely great job! From start to finish, I couldn't be happier with my purchases!! " -matthew (16 Sep 2022)

" I will definitely give Reliks my patronage again as they are provide a wide range of great products with great service. " -David (10 Sep 2022)

" Your company is very reputable. Deus Vult! " -Ralph (05 Sep 2022)

" Continue to bring us reproductions of actual museum pieces. I especially like your choice to reproduce a bronze age period item," -Jacques (04 Sep 2022)

" exceptional and extraordinary" -w (02 Apr 2022)

" Overall, I am a happy customer, and will return. Thank you." -Michael (01 Apr 2022)

" First order. i will use this site again." -John (19 Mar 2022)

" 1st purchase was excellent - thank you. " -David (19 Mar 2022)

" Thanks again Chris and Jamie, be well" -Lee (18 Mar 2022)

" I'm glad I stumbled onto your site because the products are top notch." -Noah (17 Mar 2022)

" Keep doing what you're doing. Very happy with your products and services!" -Lisa (15 Mar 2022)

" Keep up the great customer service experience!" -Mark (08 Mar 2022)

" I've always had good luck with reliks" -MIKE (08 Mar 2022)

" Excellent experience" -Mike (03 Mar 2022)

" You guys rock." -William (25 Feb 2022)

" Great product from a great company. Thank you." -Daniel (21 Feb 2022)

" Great service all around, will definitely use again" -Jorge (11 Feb 2022)

" Continue doing the work of the gods, fellow purveyors of fine armament " -Logan (07 Feb 2022)

" Overall, very pleased! Will definitely be buying from here again!!!!" -Katrina (04 Feb 2022)

" Thank you so much!" -REBECCA (04 Feb 2022)

" I am a long time customer and I am Completely happy with every sword I bought and the service is second to none!" -Tony (04 Feb 2022)