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Functional Sword Store

Authentic Real Forged, Functional "Battle Ready Swords"

All the swords found in our functional swords section are real swords that are properly forged, tempered and made like the originals. They come in many different types for art forms like Tameshigiri, Iaito, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and WEMA. They are also suited for stage productions and fight choreography. These swords are classified as “battle ready swords” however, we use the term “functional swords” interchangeably.

Functional Sword Categories

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Functional European Swords

Reliks functional European swords are suitable for re-enactment, stage use or for theatrical duels. ... more »

Functional Japanese Swords

Our functional Japanese swords and katana are suitable for the martial artist and collector. These s... more »

Functional Chinese Swords's functional Chinese swords are crafted for the martial artist, designed with consultatio... more »

Functional Fantasy Swords

Not all movie collectible swords are created equal. Many fantasy inspired pieces available on the sw... more »

Functional Rapiers

Reliks sword store offers functional rapiers that are made for the historical fencer. These rapier a... more »

Functional Sabre

Our selection of American Sabers and British Sabres our hand forged and as functional as the origina... more »

Stage Combat Swords

Stage swords are made to withstand heavier abuse than our historically accurate “battle ready” sword... more »

Scottish Claymore

The Highlander Swords from Scotland are something to behold even in its two distinct varieties. The ... more »

Practice Swords

A swordsman has never become a master without the proper training equipment. We have a wide selectio... more »

Sword Accessories

Want to wear your sword to an event? Hang your sword on a wall? Sharpen your sword or just make sure... more »

New Swords

Hot off the Forge! Check out the newest functional swords available in our online store and at our L... more »

What's New?

New & Sword Updates

Qing Dynasty Broadsword

Qing Dynasty Broadsword

Posted: May 17, 2018

"The Qing Dynasty Broadsword is Perfect for the Backyard Cutter and Beginning Martial Artist.." (12) New images were added to the (Qing Dynasty Broadsword) gallery today.

Lotus Seed Wakizashi

Lotus Seed Wakizashi

Posted: May 16, 2018

"The Lotus Seed Wakizashi by Dragon King Forge is the Perfect Companion to the Matching Katana.." (13) New images were added to the (Lotus Seed Wakizashi) gallery today.

Scottish Claymore

Scottish Claymore

Posted: May 10, 2018

The Highlander Swords from Scotland are something to behold even in its two distinct varieties. The name Claymore (claidheamh-mòr or “Great Sword”) has been debated of its very origins as it was used to describe the Scottish basket-hilt sword and was later a

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Poly Dragon Head Katana

Poly Dragon Head Katana

Posted: May 05, 2018

Poly Dragon Head Katana added to the Practice Swords section.

The Poly Dragon's Head Katana is ideal for those looking for safe martial arts training with a bit of flair. Polypropylene has slowing been replacing traditiona

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Ashdown Viking Sword

Ashdown Viking Sword

Posted: May 04, 2018

"The Ashdown Viking Sword is inspired by the Wessex King Alfred the Great and Viking Leader Guthrum." (11) New images were added to the (Ashdown Viking Sword) gallery today.

Culloden Basket-Hilt Sword

Culloden Basket-Hilt Sword

Posted: May 02, 2018

"This addition to the Windlass BattleCry line was inspired by a Scottish basket hilt from the1746 Battle of Culloden." (7) New images were added to the (Culloden Basket-Hilt Sword) gallery today.

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How to Maintain Your Sword

A forged sword is very strong but it won't last forever unless you follow these few easy tips to keep your sword looking like new throughout generations.

Did you know?

Swords were one of the rarest weapons on the battle field. Swords were carried mostly by nobles and knights. They were very expensive and took a great deal of time and expense to train someone to use them effectively in battle. Most of the men in a medieval battle would carry basic blunt striking weapons like a mace or a hammer. You would also find weapons as simple as a club and a little more sophisticated like spears and pikes. Many armaments were nothing more than modified tools and farm equipment. read some more?

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