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Fixed Blade Knives

Tactical knives, Bushcraft and Camping Knives

Our fixed blade knives range from throwing knives to hunting, tactical and outdoors bushcrafters. We off many American made brands as well as quality pieces made over seas. The fixed blade has no pivot points like folders making them ideal for tough work without fear of the blade collapsing. They appeal to the outdoorsman, military and police personnel, hunters, fisherman, sportsman, collectors as well as the prepper building a bug out bag.

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We offer a wide range of machete from Ka-bar's selection of heavy machete camp knive's to Cold Steel... more »

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives is a very fun sport to enjoy or to learn. We offer a wide variety of throwing knives... more »

Tactical Survival Knives

Our selection of tactical knives is a collection of top quality pieces from various manufactures suc... more »

Fixed Hunting Knives

We offer a great selection of knives for the new and avid hunter or fisherman. Reliks offers a selec... more »

Bowie Knives

In 1827 Jim Bowie found himself in the middle of the ruckus armed with only a knife. Before being s... more »


The kukri or knife of the gurkha has been gaining popularity with the outdoorsman. Its unique shape ... more »

Neck Knives

Neck knives are made to have a slim profile so they can fit comfortably against the chest underneath... more »

Bushcraft Knives

A good Buchcrafter could mean life or death in wilderness survival. We have several top brand bushcr... more »

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New & Knife Updates

No.10 Bubinga Knife

No.10 Bubinga Knife

Posted: Mar 25, 2017

"The No.10 Bubinga Bushcraft Knife by Casstrom Knives." (5) New images were added to the (No.10 Bubinga Knife) gallery today.

Selkirk Knife

Selkirk Knife

Posted: Mar 01, 2017

"The Buck Selkirk Knife by Buck Knives." (6) New images were added to the (Selkirk Knife) gallery today.

12 Piece Zombie Thrower Set

12 Piece Zombie Thrower Set

Posted: Feb 18, 2017

A new image was added to the (12 Piece Zombie Thrower Set) gallery. "Zombie Inspired Zombie Thowing Knife Set Promo Photo"

Cutlass Sword Machete

Cutlass Sword Machete

Posted: Feb 17, 2017

"The Cold Steel Cutlass Machete." (7) New images were added to the (Cutlass Sword Machete) gallery today.

No.10 Curly Birch Knife

No.10 Curly Birch Knife

Posted: Feb 10, 2017

A new image was added to the (No.10 Curly Birch Knife) gallery. "The Number 10 Curly Birch Knife by Casstrom"


Jarosz "Choppa"

Posted: Feb 02, 2017

"The Jarosz Choppa made by Kabar Knives." (10) New images were added to the (Jarosz "Choppa" ) gallery today.

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