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Fixed Blade Knives

Tactical knives, Bushcraft and Camping Knives

Our fixed blade knives range from throwing knives to hunting, tactical and outdoors bushcrafters. We off many American made brands as well as quality pieces made over seas. The fixed blade has no pivot points like folders making them ideal for tough work without fear of the blade collapsing. They appeal to the outdoorsman, military and police personnel, hunters, fisherman, sportsman, collectors as well as the prepper building a bug out bag.

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We offer a wide range of machete from Ka-bar's selection of heavy machete camp knive's to Cold Steel... more »

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives is a very fun sport to enjoy or to learn. We offer a wide variety of throwing knives... more »

Tactical Survival Knives

Our selection of tactical knives is a collection of top quality pieces from various manufactures suc... more »

Chef / Cooking Knives

Some handy and practical knives to keep around the kitchen for chopping vegetables, preparing meats ... more »

Fixed Hunting Knives

We offer a great selection of knives for the new and avid hunter or fisherman. Reliks offers a selec... more »

Bowie Knives

The Jim Bowie or Bowie knife has come from legends from the famous sandbar fight to the last stand a... more »


The kukri or knife of the gurkha has been gaining popularity with the outdoorsman. Its unique shape ... more »

Neck Knives

Neck knives are made to have a slim profile so they can fit comfortably against the chest underneath... more »

Bushcraft Knives

A good Buchcrafter could mean life or death in wilderness survival. We have several top brand bushcr... more »

Training Knives

Increase your self defence skills with a good training knife. There are several knife fighting style... more »

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New & Knife Updates

Yeti Knife


Yeti Knife

Posted: Oct 17, 2018

Yeti Knife added to the Tactical Survival Knives section.

From the cold wilderness of the far east comes the Yeti from Kizlyar Supreme. Designed by the Lesnie Bushcraft team in Russia, the Yeti is designed to handle a

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Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin


Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin

Posted: Aug 29, 2018

"Amigo Kizlyar Supreme engineers incorporated most important factors for a great EDC/NECK knife: security, usefulness, speed of extraction, size and weight, high quality materials and outstanding looks.." (8) New images were added to the (Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin) gallery today.

Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin


Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin

Posted: Aug 29, 2018

Amigo X Knife - D2 Satin added to the Neck Knives section.

The Amigo Series knife was specifically created for carrying around the neck. During the development of the series engineers of Kizlyar Supreme tried to incorp

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Ringed Throwing Knives


Ringed Throwing Knives

Posted: Jul 28, 2018

"Ringed Throwing Knives or Kunai were used by Anime Character Naruto, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Lee Christmas in the Expendables." (7) New images were added to the (Ringed Throwing Knives) gallery today.

US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard


US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard

Posted: Jul 07, 2018

A new image was added to the (US Model 1917 Bolo Knife with Scabbard) gallery. "The US Model 1917 Bolo Knife Suitable for Combat and Utility. A Top Contender for your Bug Out Bag! "

Skull Head Fighting Knife


Skull Head Fighting Knife

Posted: Jun 02, 2018

"The WWII Skull Head Fighting Knife Re-Produced by Windlass Steelcrafts." (4) New images were added to the (Skull Head Fighting Knife) gallery today.

USMC Serrated Knife


USMC Serrated Knife

Posted: May 30, 2018

A new image was added to the (USMC Serrated Knife) gallery. "The original WWII USMC knives by Ka-Bar are still prefered knives by service men and women today!"

Adventure Piggyback Knife


Adventure Piggyback Knife

Posted: Apr 25, 2018

Adventure Piggyback Knife added to the Fixed Hunting Knives section.

The Adventure Piggyback is a lightweight skeleton-handled knife with a recurve blade perfect for skinning small game. An industrial engineer by training, Steve

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