Pirates Cutlass

By: Cold Steel

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Seashell Designs

This beautiful rendition of the classic pirates cutlass features all the look and makings of the sword that was known by sailors across the world during the 17th century. Made from 1075 high-carbon steel, this functional sword features a curved blade. It is wider on the tip half of the blade with a slightly higher spine. There are three fullers that run down the narrower section of the blade near the spine. The basket-hilt crossguard has S-shaped quillons. One of the quillons bends towards the spine of the blade. The other bends back towards the hilt. The basket guard has a shell shape on one side with the remaining sides having an open swept shape. A berry-like accent adorns this basket guard and the ends of the quillons. The hilt has a black leather wrapped grip. It ends with a fan-shaped pommel. Finally, this sword comes with a black scabbard. It has a silver-colored chape and throat. Seashell designs adorn the chape, while more intricate nautical designs adorn the throat. The throat has a metal loop for hanging on a belt.


Reliks Product ID 7295
Manufacturer SKU 88CSY
Blade Length 26 1/2"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 5 mm
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 32 1/2"
Handle Length 5 1/2"
Scabbard Leather w/ Steel Fittings
Weight 49.3 oz

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