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Historical and fantasy designed daggers for function and display

The functional daggers offered at are “Real Daggers” with hand forged high carbon steel blades. These functional daggers are perfect for medieval re-enactments. These daggers are constructed to handle the “battle ready” abuse of re-enactment, stage and production duels and are finely crafted to be suitable at the medieval dinner table to carve the roast beast, during a medieval feast. We also carry a variety of decorative daggers that make great collector display pieces.

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Functional Daggers

Functional Daggers

The functional daggers offered at are “Real Daggers” with hand forged high carbon steel b... more »

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Decorative Daggers

Decorative Daggers

The decorative daggers offered here are also inspired by medieval times and the world of fantasy. ... more »

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Training Daggers

Training Daggers

Dagger training was essential as was open hand combat techniques to the medieval knight. As armour d... more »

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Russian Kindjal

$79.95 USD Currency

Russian Kindjal

Posted: May 16, 2019

"This is a nice functional military spec reproduction of the Russian Kindjal." (10) New images were added to the (Russian Kindjal) gallery today.

Crecy War Dagger

$109.99 USD Currency

Crecy War Dagger

Posted: Feb 28, 2019

"The Crecy War Dagger is a no nonsense double edge dagger well-suited to facing armored or unarmored adversaries.." (6) New images were added to the (Crecy War Dagger) gallery today.

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