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Medieval Daggers

Historical and fantasy designed daggers for display and use

Featured - MAA Hand and a Half Dagger

MAA Hand and a Half Dagger

An optional companion dagger to the Hand and a Half Sword. Scaled down in size and almost identical in appearance, fit, finish and materials. In truth it makes a terrific off hand parrying weapon and can stand alone in its own right as a dagger you can wear with pride on any occasion. Every Hand-and-a-Half Sword and dagger reflects the highest standards in w....

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Featured - Conan Thulsa Doom Dagger

Conan Thulsa Doom Dagger

Thulsa Doom has lived for over a thousand years and has the power to transform into an enormous snake. This magnificent dagger from Conan the Barbarian is made to resemble two intertwining snakes. Nickel-plated with an antique finish. Wooden handle and ships in a wooden display box.....

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Hand Forged Conan Daggers

Hand Forged Conan Daggers

One of the best Conan The Barbarian collections to date now offers the most famous daggers from the 1982 Films. We have seen many Conan collections offered throughout the years but none as complete as this series released by Museum Replica's Limited. This fully licensed series offers not only the swords but the Thulsa Doom Dagger and the Conan Dagger that was made to exact detail of the one carries by Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of the most impressive parts of this collection is all of the pieces are real hand forged pieces made by actual sword smiths!

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Customers Top 10 Daggers

  1. Silver Excalibur Dagger
  2. Thistle Sgian Dubh
  3. Male Egyptian Dagger
  4. Dagger of Azrael
  5. Genuine Gurkha Kukri
  6. Gurkha Kukri - Officer's
  7. Assam Kukri
  8. King Solomon Dagger
  9. Knights Templar Dagger
  10. Twisted Iron Dagger

Dagger Types

Shop for Functional or Decorative Daggers

The functional daggers offered at are “Real Daggers” with hand forged high carbon steel blades. These functional daggers are perfect for medieval re-enactments. These daggers are constructed to handle the “battle ready” abuse of re-enactment, stage and production duels and are finely crafted to be suitable at the medieval dinner table to carve the roast beast, during a medieval feast.

Decorative collectible daggers break down the borders of practical function, to “OMG is that a dagger with an Alien for a handle!” The decorative daggers offered here are also modeled after several classic and fantasy knife designs like King Arthur and Robin Hood. These display daggers will enhance any medieval decor with an authentic or fantasy inspired design. Though they aren't meant for function they look great on your side during any medieval event.

The Kukri is brilliant in design with it's forward slanted blade creates a natural slicing motion with every strike. Made popular by the Gurkha the kukri is spoken of in many legends including the original writing of Bram Stokers Dracula. Popular for the outdoorsman the kukri can replace your hatchet and also handle knife related duties around the camp.

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