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Medieval Clothing and Garb

Renaissance Styled Clothing and Medieval Costuming

Featured - Hospitaller Hooded Cape

Hospitaller Hooded Cape

Worn by the Hospitaller Order, this black cotton hooded cape has a white velvet cross stitched to the left forearm area. The frog has decorative leather rondels with a snap secure the front and a hood completes the cape. One size. Dry clean only, one size fits most. Shown with th....

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Featured - Padded Arming Cap - Natural

Padded Arming Cap - Natural

The arming cap, worn under mail coifs and helmets, provides both scalp protection against abrasion and a certain amount of shock absorption. Crafted in padded canvas with neck ties. One size fits most.....

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Hottest Costuming of the Month

Medieval Clothing Sections

Tunics, Gambesons, Boots, Breeches and Accessories

You will surely be noticed at the medieval dance or the ren-faire in one of our medieval dresses. Wheather it be a formal gown or a simple pheasants dress we have what you need for your event. You can even outfit your bridesmaids in period dresses and yourself in a beautiful brides wedding gown for a unique and memorable medieval wedding.

Attending a medieval or renaissance faire is always exciting. You prepare your garb for the next event with your doublet, your boots and renaissance shirt, belt and hat but most important of all are your breeches ! If you forget those you may find yourself in shackles. We offer a selection of breeches and pants to complete your garb or costumes.

Wheather you are putting together an entire medieval ensemble or simply need a tunic for a medieval costume, you will find them at We have a selection of early medieval tunics renaissance shirts from viking, greek, roman and more. Start building your garb with the perfect renaissance shirt or medieval tunic.

Be sure to add a coat or jerkin to your medieval garb for the chilly nights after a long day at the fairre. When the day of slaying is over, and your belly is full from the medieval feast your stylish coat or jerkin will be the talk of the medieval ball. You definitely don't want to be caught shivering your timber on the high seas when you can stay nice and warm in a pirates coat.

Alright you are ready for the medieval festival, you have your ren-shirt, your jerkin, your breeches a nice belt and your pair of running shoes? It's time to complete that outfit with a pair of period boots! No more being medieval from the ankles up! Whether you need to complete your pirate, knight or ninja costuming we have the period footwear you are looking for.

Nothing completes your outfit more than the accessories. If you need a belt to go with your garb or a belt to hang your sword you can find them here. We have sword frogs and leather gauntlets. You may find some headwear, a pirate hat, arm bracers or even a sword scabbard.

Every medieval or rennaissance wardrobe has a selection of capes or robes for any period event. Whether it be a ren-fair or a medieval festival, a themed wedding or any type of costumed event your costuming or garb will be completed with a nice cape. You may also choose to be be fully costumed in a period monks robe.