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Folding Knives

Folding Pocket Knives or Folders Tactical, Military and EDC

Folding knives are very commonly used for daily tasks which is why we carry a large selection for every day carry (EDC). Also available are some very rugged and military grade tactical folders for servicemen and women with over engineering to ensure absolute reliability in the field. Pocket knives come in a wide range including assisted, multi-tools like the famous Swiss army knife and even novelty pieces for the collector.

Folding Knife Categories

Shop for Folding Knives by Type offers a great selection of assisted knives. These knives are carefully selected to ensur... more »

If you are looking for a practical (EDC) Every Day Carry knife you will find a great selection of po... more »

Multi-Tools of all varieties can help you out in a bind. Reliks carries several multi-tools from the... more »

You can never have enough knives on a hunting / fishing trip. When you are in the wilderness you nev... more »

Reliks is proud to offer our police, rescue and military personnel a wide range of tactical folders ... more »

Sometimes your knife doesn't need to be practical, maybe your knife could just be fun. Novelty pocke... more »

What's New?

New & Knife Updates

Spitfire Knife

Spitfire Knife

Posted: Feb 25, 2017

"The Buck Spitfire Knives in 3 Stylish Colors!." (8) New images were added to the (Spitfire Knife) gallery today.

Spitfire Knife

Spitfire Knife

Posted: Feb 24, 2017

Spitfire Knife added to the Everyday Carry Knives (EDC) section.

The Spitfire™ is designed for everyday carry. The wicked sharp blade can easily be opened with one hand and locks open with the lockback design. The aluminum ha

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SlimJim Knife - Black

SlimJim Knife - Black

Posted: Feb 14, 2017

"The SOG Slim Jim is about as thick as a pair of Toonies.." (6) New images were added to the (SlimJim Knife - Black) gallery today.

Sweeney Todd Straight Razor

Sweeney Todd Straight Razor

Posted: Jan 31, 2017

"From The Victorian Urban Legand Sweeney Todd's Straight Razors." (5) New images were added to the (Sweeney Todd Straight Razor) gallery today.

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