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Folding Pocket Knives

Pocket Knives, Folders and EDC

Featured - Okapi Lock Knife

Okapi Lock Knife

Okapi is a pocket knife and hand-tools manufacturing company based on the North-East coast of South Africa. The Okapi knife is a working knife designed to be highly robust, practical and equally affordable all the while remaining faithful to its rich 112-year-old heritage. This i....

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Featured - Rubicon Knife

Rubicon Knife

The Rubicon™ faithfully captures all the qualities of Peter Carey’s meticulously crafted custom folders in one of the most refined production knives ever made. Peter Carey is a custome Knife maker who has been producing quality hand made tactical knives since 1997. Peter speciali....

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Para Military II - The Sequal

Para Military II - The Sequal

A few years back Spyderco released the para-military to it's line up of folding knives and it's popularity exploded. Smaller than their already successful Spyderco Military folder, the size, the feel of the new para-military were almost perfect for both service use as well as bei...

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Spyderco Value Series

Spyderco Value Series

One of our favourite series of knives that we offer are from the Spyderco value series, but make no mistake “value” doesn't mean cheap. These every day carry (EDC) knives offer some of the best value for the dollar on the market today. I'm talking about Spyderco's Tenacious, P...

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Pocket Knives by Category

Types of Folders Available

You can never have enough knives on a hunting / fishing trip. When you are in the wilderness you never know what you may encounter so make sure you are prepared. A good folding hunting knife is a great compact solution and won't take much room in your kit next to a folding fillet knife and your folding cutlery set.

If you are looking for a practical (EDC) Every Day Carry knife you will find a great selection of pocket knives here. We carry EDC knives that are all business for every day use as well as the gentleman's folders are aesthetically pleasing non-aggressive and are fully functional for everyday tasks. Everyone needs a good every day carry knife and this is where you will find the top knife brands at

Multi-Tools of all varieties can help you out in a bind. Reliks carries several multi-tools from the classic Swiss Army knife to the more modern recognized folding multi-tool designs based off of a pair of pliers. Carry one with you, leave one in the car or even around the house because you never know when you need quick access to some pliers, a screwdriver, a magnifying glass , you name it, we have the perfect multi-tool for you.

Reliks is proud to offer our police, rescue and military personnel a wide range of tactical folders to assist them during the tough jobs they face every day. We offer a selection of economical tactical folders up to military grade tactical folding knives that can be depended on when they are needed the most. If you need a knife with a seat belt cutter, glass breaker or just military tough, you will love this selection of tactical folders. offers a great selection of assisted knives. These knives are carefully selected to ensure they are 100% legal to own in Canada. Often confused as “switch blades” or “automatic” knives these assisted openers are not “spring loaded” , have no switches and can not open automatically. These knives are assisted only, making them easier to open safely with one hand. Buck, Kershaw and SOG Canadian Legal assisted knives are available at

Sometimes your knife doesn't need to be practical, maybe your knife could just be fun. Novelty pocket knives break down that barrier, look good and are just a great addition to your knife collection. Who wouldn't want a pocket knife based off a Sweeney Todd straight razor? Knives aren't just meant to be in your pocket! Show them off, share them, display them, collect them!