The Grip - Parts of the European Sword

The swords grip can be made of many different types of material but leaning towards materials that have better gripping qualities. Authentic swords commonly used carved wood grips, horn, ivory or even different varieties of bone for the handle. Wooden handles would often be wrapped in a gripping material like a leather, fish, manta ray or shark skin. The type of material used would usually be influenced by the culture and resources that were readily available. Other wrappings included twine, rope and twisted metal wire. The grip as any of the other pieces of a sword could be very elaborate and ornate. Swords made for royalty may have had expert leather engravings, embossing or lavish decorative ornaments made of gold. The possibilities are almost limitless and you will find examples of many types of grips on the pieces throughout our site as well as museum pieces found throughout the world.

Examples of Various Sword Grips

These are some photo's of several different sword grips on the European swords that we offer.