Hudson Bay Camp Hatchet

By: Cold Steel

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Versatile Tool

A more compact and easy to carry version of the timeless Hudson Bay Camp Axe, the Camp Hatchet is perfectly packable. Coming in at just over a foot in length and under 1.25 pounds, the Camp Hatchet is still a capable chopping tool for light limbing, splitting kindling, and sharpening and hammering tent stakes. At camp or on the trail the Camp Hatchet is a versatile tool with an innovative head design with secure bolt clamp attachment and field expedient handle replacement.


The near inch thick head is made from durable 1055 carbon steel with a thin profile for fast, efficient chopping and a deep bite. The handle runs through the eye in the traditional fashion while the innovative bolt clamp pole delivers a very secure fit and fast replacement with the bolts being easily loosened with a single Allen wrench. The pole can also be used for hammering wood or plastic stakes or wedges for splitting larger pieces than the hatchet can handle.


Made from genuine straight grain hickory, the handle is relatively straight with a generous shoulder for a comfortable close grip for fine work while being fast in the hand chopping. The knob is angled for optimal leverage and control.

1055 High Carbon Steel:

Simple, relatively low-carbon steel used in large, heavy-duty knives, throwing knives or chopping tools such as axes when toughness is the highest priority.


Reliks Product ID 7292
Manufacturer SKU 90QC
Blade Length 3 1/4"
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Full Length 12 1/4"
Handle Material American Hickory
Weight 21.3 oz

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