MAA LaFontaine Sword of War

By: Cold Steel

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Price (USD): $379.99


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Designed by Luke LaFontaine

Designed by noted swordsman Luke LaFontaine and bearing his name, the LaFontaine Sword of War combines elements of a 16th Century Sword of War with a Complex Hilt Longsword. Not carried on a belt or baldric, rather it was held in hand, rested on the shoulder or simply carried by a manservant or page. Designed primarily for battlefield combat, it was almost as big as a Zweihander or a Great Sword; with a long double edged blade, elaborate ring guards, counter guards and peaked quillons, a closed ricasso for looping a finger through the cross for added control, and a heavy counter-balancing pommel that made a fearsome weapon in its own right! A versatile and complex weapon with many advantages that should be apparent to any Historical European Martial Artist, it was also a symbol of prestige that said much about the status and prowess of its wielder. Made in our signature Man at Arms style, the LaFontaine Sword of War features a 1050 Carbon Steel blade that has been deeply blued to an inky black sheen. The LaFontaine Sword of War is fully sharpened and supplied complete with a thick leather and steel scabbard.


Reliks Product ID 7252
Manufacturer SKU 88WSLFM
Blade Length 37 1/2"
Blade Material 1050 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 1/4"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 52"
Handle Length 14 1/2"
Weight 78.5 oz