The Fuller - Parts of the European Sword

The fuller is one of the most miss understood part of the blade and has fascinated many people who have developed some interesting theories of it's purpose. One of our favorites is the use of the term “blood groove”. Admit it, we have all heard it or possibly even used it. This comes from a theory that when the blade is thrust into an opponent it will stick with some sort of friction and that this “blood letter” allows the blood to flow down the channel and release the suction so the blade can be removed. Though it is an interesting theory it is completely false.

The fuller does however have a very important purpose. The channeling is cut into the flat of the blade to reduce the weight of the sword without reducing its strength. The less steel, less weight. The blade retains it strength using the same principles as the modern i-beam. The weight reduction makes a blade faster and easier to wield. It also lightens the load carried by a soldier who could be months on campaign, reducing their fatigue for when they are needed for battle.

Fuller Photos

These are some photo's of several different Fuller found on the European swords that we offer.