Armourer's Katana

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Nagasone Kotetsu

Some katana are dedicated to the memory of great rulers, warlords, generals, warriors and even battles from Japanese legend. This katana is dedicated to the memory of the legendary sword maker Nagasone Kotetsu of the Edo period. Originating from a family of armor makers, the progression of his work evolved into blade making later in his craft. The legend of his blades was that they could cut through a kabuto (do not try this at home). Strength and resilience were the trademark of his style. Though historically there is debate about how many swords he produced. There were many fakes produced under his mark. Regardless, even if it were a few, the legacy of the quality of his blades lives on today. To retell all the details of his life here would be redundant but collectors, aficionados and practitioners alike should make a study of this important sword maker of the period. We pay homage to this great sword maker with the Armourer's Katana. Featuring depiction of pierced yanone in this uniquely shaped tsuba, which is echoed in the menuki. Simple, elegant and strong, much like the blades of the maker which inspired this katana. Two words can describe this katana: hidden strength. The power and strength of this katana is belied by its simple beauty of humble, blackened textured handle furniture to the silver menuki. A dark brown silk ito is wrapped around real same (ray skin) in a traditional diamond pattern. A dark chocolate brown saya and a contrasting light brown sageo with buffalo horn kurikata and kojiri complete the theme with the tsuka. The blade is forged and folded from a mixture of T10 and 1055 steels. This allows the hada to be more discernable without losing strength. The hamon is the o-choji style throughout the blade. We believe Nagasone Kotetsu would be proud of this tribute to his legend. Representing strength, resilience and simplicity in one lethal weapon, our hope is that this newest addition to our collection will become legendary in its own right.

Armourer's Katana Specs:

30" Blade
Handle Length: 13”
Overall Length: 44”
Kasane: 7mm
Sori: 7/8"
Weight: 2lb 4oz

29" Blade
Handle Length: 12”
Overall Length: 42 3/8”
Kasane: 8mm
Sori: 3/4"
Weight: 2lb 5oz

28" Blade
Handle Length: 11”
Overall Length: 40 1/4”
Kasane: 7.9mm
Sori: 5/8"
Weight: 2lb 2oz


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