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European Swords

Reliks functional European swords are suitable for re-enactment, stage use or for theatrical duels. These pieces are forged from high carbon steel with proper tempering processes and sword construction for safety and durability. These swords not only replicate the originals aesthetically but also in production technique. These swords can hold there own with those found on historic medieval battlefields.

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Japanese Swords (Katana)

Our functional Japanese swords and katana are suitable for the martial artist and collector. These swords come with live blades suitable for tamashgiri. The factory sharpened edges are ready to cut tatami mats. These Japanese swords are made by top manufactures and sword smiths from around the world using authentic materials and sword production techniques.

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Chinese Swords's functional Chinese swords are crafted for the martial artist, designed with consultation of martial arts masters ensuring proper weight and balance for the martial artist. Our tai chi swords and kung fu swords are produced by accomplished sword smiths and are not only aesthetically pleasing, these swords are carefully crafted tools for the martial artist.

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Fantasy Swords

Not all movie collectible swords are created equal. Many fantasy inspired pieces available on the sword market are all show and no go! That isn't true for the functional fantasy swords found here. These functional swords are as pleasing to look at but are also forged out of proper steels with expert tempering for the sword practitioner. History may not be your thing but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a quality functional sword!

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Functional Rapiers

Reliks sword store offers functional rapiers that are made for the historical fencer. These rapier are authentically crafted to withstand full force fencing and swordplay. Replacement sparring blades are available for several modals of our rapier for those who want to interchange between a live and sparring blade. These pieces are as aesthetically pleasing for the sword collector and equally functional for the practitioner.

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Cavalry Sabre

Our selection of American Sabers and British Sabres our hand forged and as functional as the original post Napoleonic cavalry swords. These pieces are suitable for re-enactment or sabre fencing as well as can be edged for cutting practitioners

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Stage Combat Swords

Stage swords are made to withstand heavier abuse than our historically accurate “battle ready” swords. They are forged with more robust blades for sword on sword fight choreography, theatrical duels and Western Martial Arts (WMA).

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Practice Swords

A swordsman has never become a master without the proper training equipment. We have a wide selection of boken, shinai and wasters for the martial artist and re-enactor. These wooden swords, foam swords and aluminum training swords are perfect for training sword technique and sword forms. These swords are the safest for live demonstrations or presentations that should not be performed with your live blades.

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