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Iaito / Iaido Swords

To practice Iaido, certain equipment is essential. The most important item is the Iaito, a practice sword designed to replicate the weight and feel of a real katana without a sharp edge. The Iaito ensures safety during training while allowing practitioners to master the proper techniques.

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Economical Katana

These pieces by no means claim authenticity. What they offer is an economical alternative to the higher end katana available, for the beginner. They have proper tangs and are constructed properly using tempered carbon steels. These are made as entry level swords and are suitable for learning technique and light cutting of pool noodles or single rolled tatami.

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Folded Steel Katana

In order for a sand iron katana to be strong they needed a way to purify the steel and the folding method was born. Aside from its aesthetic beauty, the purpose of folding the steel was to bring the impurities to the surface and removed. This was done during blade forging and set the foundation for some of the toughest swords ever to be wielded by the Japanese samurai.

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Differential Tempered Katana

The differentially hardened blade was a part of the katana's ability to hold a very sharp edge while maintaining blade flexibility. The sword smith packs the spine of the blade with a special clay during tempering. It acts as an insulation allowing the spine to cool slower then the edge. The result is flexibility in the spine and a hardened edge.

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Through Tempered Katana

These blades are not forged traditionally but are forged just as tough. Unlike differential tempered katana these blades are tempered to an optimal hardness all the way through the spine to the cutting edge. Many are forged with modern “super steels” and “tool steels” that lack the impurities of the traditional sand irons creating true swords worthy of the Japanese samurai.

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Forged Mono-Steel Katana

Our Forged Katana are simply katana that aren't folded which are also known as mono-steel swords. Today's modern steels do not require folding as they did in feudal Japan. Our steel refining methods are much better from foundries with hundreds of years more experience creating quality billets of steel.

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The Wakizashi is the middle length sword of the samurai, suitable for closed quarter combat.

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Samurai Tanto

The Tanto was the shortest sword of the Samurai, still produced today using original methods.

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