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Viking Swords

Forged in fire for the Viking Reenactor! These Viking Swords would make Ulfberht Proud!

Viking Swords »

Single Hand Swords

The Single Hand Arming Sword is forged like the originals carried by the knight class!

Single Hand Swords »

Two Handed Greatswords

Two Handed Long Swords or Great Swords began to appear in the later periods of the dark ages. They were particularly effective against the continual advancements of plate armor, where the single handed swords could no longer compete. Hand forged these high carbon swords are built like the originals and can be used for western martial arts.

Two Handed Greatswords »

Hand and a Half Sword

The Hand and a Half sword was also referred to as a bastard sword because it could not be classified in the family of single handed or two handed sword. The Hand and a Half sword has a long enough grip it can be used with two hands for a powerful blow but was also light enough and balanced enough that it could be used with a single hand.

Hand and a Half Sword »

Roman Gladius

The Roman gladius was the feared sword of the Roman army. When used in formation behind a shield wall the gladius was unstoppable. Our hand forged gladius are forged from modern carbon steels for re-enactment and stage use and cutting. Though they are know for their thrusting ability but the gladius could also delivery a formidable slash.

Roman Gladius »


The cutlass was a short sword used on land and sea but was greatly favoured by sailors. It's short thick robust blade was good for daily tasks like cutting rope as well as being used as a weapon. Carried by many countries naval fleets this sword was still made most famous by the Pirates. Our cutlass are hand forged forged from high carbon steel.

Cutlass »

Basket Hilted

Basket Hilted Broadswords and Backswords suitable for soldiers, officers, and civilian use.

Basket Hilted »

Scottish Claymore

The Scottish Claymore is the highlanders greatsword, forged, tempered and battle ready!

Scottish Claymore »

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