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Decorative European Swords

The decorative swords offered here are built for display or collection and not for use like the swords found in our “functional swords” section. The decorative European swords are made of low maintenance materials for care free display. They are great for creating a medieval look to your decor as well as draw from European historical facts and tales from the Legendary Templar Knight to King Arthur's knights of the round table.

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Decorative Oriental Swords

Complete your Japanese styled rooms decor with the most popular Japanese samurai collectible available! The Japanese Katana! Our decorative oriental swords range from a simple authentic style to very ornate decoration for those who desire that extra flair. These decorative Japanese katana and Chinese swords are excellent collector swords as well as decorator swords. These sword are for display and not meant for use like the “functional swords” we offer.

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Decorative Fantasy Swords

When the modern day fantasy artist throws himself into the medieval world, the mix of historical design and imagination is incredible. Decorative fantasy art swords are what you will find here. These fantasy swords range from high end collectible swords by fantasy artist Kit Rae to fantasy designs inspired by your favorite anime characters. These swords are great for display, collection or even cosplay accessories to wear to the next convention.

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Decorative Samurai Sword Sets

Inspired by the Japanese Samurai these decorative samurai sets take your Japanese display up a step from your standard katana. The Japanese samurai sets will include The traditional Japanese katana as well as the Wakizashi. Many sets go as far as including the Tanto. These swords sets are collector/ display grade only and are not intended for use. Many sets include a stand so that your set will be ready for display as soon as you get it home.

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