Fighting Knives Of Tauriel

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Captain Tauriel's Twin Daggers

In the shadowed and mystical forests of Mirkwood, where danger lurks behind every twisted branch, emerges a figure of grace and formidable prowess—Tauriel, Captain of the Woodland Guard. Entrusted with the safety of the woodland realm, Tauriel leads her elite force with a fierce dedication to peace and justice. The Woodland Guard, renowned for their unmatched agility and skill, patrol the dense, green expanse of their kingdom, guarding against the dark forces that threaten their lands.

Commanding with unwavering resolve and a sharp mind, Tauriel wields her twin daggers with lethal precision. These blades are not merely weapons but extensions of her will, symbols of a guardian's duty and the fierce beauty of the elven craft. As you hold these licensed prop replicas, feel the surge of Tauriel's fearless spirit and the weight of responsibility carried by the Woodland Guard. Perfect for collectors and warriors alike, these daggers promise to not only be a stunning addition to your armamentarium but also a reminder of the courage and vigilance that guard the peace of Mirkwood.

As Captain of the Woodland Guard, Tauriel carries signature twin daggers with blades forged of a bronzed alloy and a Silvan steel edge of superior strength. The hilts are crafted from greenwood with bronzed steel fittings. This replica is crafted of stainless steel with cast metal and polycarbonate handles, precisely detailed and colored to exactly match the movie prop. It is presented with a wood wall mount featuring a graphic motif, and includes a certificate of authenticity.


Reliks Product ID 6847
Manufacturer SKU UC3044
Blade Length 13 7/16"
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Full Length 20 1/2"

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