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Zombie Hunter Samurai Katana

Day 1: Zombie Apocalypse. On the move, have the firepower nothing stands in your way.
Day 4: Ammunition is nearly depleted, still on the move and things aren't getting any better.
Day 6: Firearm is reduced to a cumbersome club, and things are going from bad to worse.

Things look pretty rough for your neighbours a week into a Zombie apocalypse but thankfully you remembered your “Sword's don't need reloading” shirt and were prepared. Save your neighbours by fighting off the hordes of walking dead, one slash at a time with your Zombie Hunter Katana. This collector piece, done up in the zombie hunter theme is an impressive display piece and will be appreciated by any fan of the Zombie craze!

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  • Product Code: 5745
  • SKU: ZB-029

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