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Sedethul Sword

By: Kit Rae Fantasy Art

Sedethul Sword
Kit Rae Fantasy Art

Kit Rae's Swords of the Ancients

The Sedethul was one of the three swords of Avonthia. The Avonthians were three brothers, sons of a king in ancient times, who were charged with imprisoning the deathless spirit of the Dark One in the depths of the earth from Kit Rae's, the Swords of the Ancients mythology.

Limited Number Made

The hilt is wrought with an ornately decorated solid metal hand guard. The handle has a genuine leather wrapped grip. To counter balance the sword it is fitted with a ridged, armor piercing pommel. The AUS-6 stainless steel blade is false-edged featuring a deep fuller groove. and laser engraved Kit Rae® emblem. Serial-numbered and strictly limited to 2000 pieces worldwide! Includes a custom art print by Kit Rae and a certificate of authenticity.

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  • Product Code: 6058
  • SKU: KR0051
  • Brand: Kit Rae Fantasy Art
  • Blade Length: 33"
  • Blade Material: AUS6 Stainless Steel
  • Full Length: 45 1/4"

  • *Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece.

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