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Reliks Product Reviews

How many times have you gone to a website and seen a link on a product that reads "Write a Review"? At first that sounds great because it's always nice to hear what people think, when you are considering a new product online.

Where this sounds great it might not be as valuable as it sounds. Do you want a review of the real product from real people or are you satisfied with peoples impression's of the product based off the same information that is on your screen in front of you?

At Reliks we came up with a solution to solve this problem. We don't want to serve you up a bunch of “troll reviews” from people who may have never possessed the item, or even handled it for themselves in person. So our solution from the beginning was, no "Write a Review" links on our website.

Feedback and Ratings You Can Trust

How do we get our reviews you ask? From people like you! Well not today maybe, but when you purchase anything from our website you will receive a customized link with a request to post a one to five rating for each item you order and have the opportunity to submit a written review for each item as well. This request will come a few weeks after you receive your items so you have a chance to experience them before posting a review. That's right, when you look at the reviews on Reliks.com every one of them is from someone who we can verify has purchased and owns the product. Good or bad, this is what they think!

Don't just be satisfied with "trolling feedback" from people who aspire to own the product one day, or have nothing better to do. Hear it from real customers who want you to benefit from their real experience.

Do you post every review?

We have been asked this and the answer is YES! Or at least most of the time. We post everything positive or negative as long as it is written honestly and pertains directly to the product. We won't post it if it contains foul language or is off topic and not useful to future customers. Comments about shipping or customer service submitted on a product review won't be posted there however, we do ask for things like that on our feedback form if you opt to fill them in that may be seen on our Customer Testimonials page.