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Luciendar -The Sword of Light

By: Kit Rae Fantasy Art - For Historical Reference
Luciendar -The Sword of Light - KR0004 - Kit Rae Fantasy Art

Luciendar -The Sword of Light - Kit Rae Fantasy Art

Product Description

From a world of fantasy legends come the fourth edition of the “Swords of the Ancients Collection,” designed by fantasy artist Kit Rae. The Sword of Light gives the user vision to detect the unseen or shadowed and features an antiqued silver plated finised hilt with a crystal mounted in the pommel. The blade features mystic runes engraved in the tongue of the ancients. In the beginning of things in ages past the Ancient Ones were the masters of flesh, fire, and steel and they created the "Swords of the Ancients." Each was forged of secret alloys and bequeathed with special powers. The swords have been used throughout the ages in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Designed by fantasy artist Kit Rae, these high quality adult collectible swords feature intricately detailed solid metal handle parts and a tempered, 420 stainless steel blade. Each sword includes a full-color art print.

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Luciendar -The Sword of Light Status

Date Changed: 2018-02-22 14:32:40.000
Current Status: Unavailable - Historical Reference
Re-Release Date: Unknown - None Planned

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These swords are intended for display or costume wear only. If you are looking for fantasy inspired swords that are hand forged and functional, please view our Functional Fantasy Swords section.

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