EN45 Spring Alloy Steel

Usage: Target Cutting / Martial Arts

EN45 steel is a strong spring alloy steel known for its high carbon content, often used in sword making. It's valued for its toughness, resulting from its low hardness level and the presence of carbon, manganese, and silicon in its composition. EN45 is notably used by Deepeeka in their recent new and improved functional sword line.

  • Toughness: EN45 is quite tough, enduring significant pressure and resisting breaking, chipping, and deformation.
  • Hardness: The hardness ranges between 45 and 50 HRC, reaching up to 58 HRC with specific heat treatments.
  • Sharpness: Can be honed to a satisfactory level of sharpness, though its edge retention is not as high as some other steels.
  • Wear Resistance: Offers decent wear resistance, correlating with its moderate hardness level.

Comparing EN45 to 1045 and 1065 Steel

EN45 steel compares closer to 1065 steel rather than 1045 steel. While 1045 steel is a medium-carbon steel with lower carbon content, resulting in softer and more flexible blades, 1065 steel has a higher carbon content, offering a better balance between hardness and flexibility. EN45, with its high carbon and other alloying elements, provides a level of toughness and wear resistance that is more similar to 1065 steel. Both EN45 and 1065 steels are suitable for swords where a balance of strength, edge retention, and flexibility is required.

Q&A on EN45 Sword Steel

What makes EN45 steel suitable for martial arts swords?
EN45's high toughness and ability to endure significant stress make it ideal for martial arts swords that require durability and strength.
How does the sharpness of EN45 steel compare to other high carbon steels?
EN45 can be honed to a satisfactory sharpness, but its edge retention may not be as high as other high carbon steels due to its moderate hardness.
Is EN45 steel easy to maintain in terms of corrosion and wear?
EN45 offers decent wear resistance but requires regular maintenance like oiling to prevent corrosion, as it's not as resistant as some harder steels.

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