Colichemarde Sword

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The Colichemarde emerged on the sword scene in the late 1600's during the decline of the Rapier and the rise of the small sword. Its long suit was its uniquely shaped blade that was extra wide at the forte then stepped down or narrowed for the rest of its length before ending in a wicked point. The advantage of this configuration was it allowed the sword to be used to parry or oppose even the heaviest weapons without breaking, yet remain light and supple enough to take full advantage of its lightning quick point. Cold Steel president Lynn C. Thompson has long been an admirer of the Colichemarde due to its great versatility in attack or defense so we enlisted the aid of our good friend Dave Baker, and made our own modern interpretation. True to form, our blade mirrors the original design concepts with an extra long and wide forte that abruptly tapers down to an acute and deadly point. The hilt features a decorative, yet highly functional, double shell guard, complete with finger loops and knuckle bow, while the grip is completely wire wrapped and capped with a matching pommel.


Reliks Product ID 5537
Manufacturer SKU 88CLMS
Blade Length 32 3/8"
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Edge Type Sharpened
Full Length 40"
Scabbard Leather w/ Steel Fittings
Weight 25.6 oz

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T - Verified Buyer

"Firstly as opposed to many later smallswords the edges of this one are sharp and came paper cutting sharp out of the box, with slightly rough edges that a little polishing with an abrasive ceramic hone removed a slight bur on the edges, that didn't seem to keep the edge from cutting well. The wide "Forte" of the blade nearest to the guard is wide enough to be like a medium wide 1 1/4" dagger blade and is 12" long, the "Foible/Weak" of the blade is about 5/8" wide below the transition point from "Forte to Foible" and tapers evenly to just 1/4" wide near the tip. The "Forte's" cross-section is double fullered blade with the edges being reinforced backing up the actual edges, the blade in transition to the narrower blade section is diamond shaped with the central ridge between the double fullers continuing as the central ridge of the diamond shaped blade. Now, the light weight and narrowness of the blade means that one shouldn't expect too much cutting power with this blade other than draw cuts or push cuts on uncovered by clothing skin, it's efficiency is 95% using point with some minimal cutting potential. The wire handle seems very well done with the wire firmly in place, but the grip does seem a bit slippery? Using light leather gloves would improve the firmness of the grip, the finger ring also help a great deal in keeping a good grip on the smallsword. Before buying this sword I had little interest in this period sword and type, but in hand it feel good and aiming the point at a specific place seems easy and as natural as pointing one's finger. Anyway, bottom line, I'm impressed with this Colichemarde as a credible weapons as long as one uses good smallsword fencing technique. Extremely useful I think in a civilian self-defence context in period, but also obviously it was also historically a duelling weapon, but also a fashion and status statement."

F - Verified Buyer

"Excellent quality. Not a flaw or any sort of issue with it. A beautiful and well balanced piece."