Colichemarde Sword - Photo Gallery

rapier pommel

The pommel of Cold Steel's Colichemarde sword

wire grip

The Colichemarde has a tightly wrapped wire grip


The Colichemarde has a D guard or Knucklguard to protect the hand

detailed shell

The shell guard is finely detailed like the rest of the hilt

shell guard ornament

The shell guard has ornate decorative ornaments adding to its already aesthetic appeal

thinning blade

The Colichemarde blade becomes very thin rapidly towards the middle.

piercing point

The Colichemarde swords blade comes to a fine piercing point

scabbard belt clip

The scabbard throat has a built in clip for attaching to a belt or frog

custom scabbard

A custom scabbard is made to accomadate the unique shape of the blade

scabbard tip

The tip of the scabbard is fitted with a protective metal tip

the colichemarde sword

The Colichemarde Sword by Cold Steel is as Attractive as it is Deadly.

The Colichemarde Shell

Beautiful detail in the Colichemarde Sword

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