17th Century Italian Rapier

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Skill, Honour, and Intrigue

In the shadow-draped alleyways and sunlit piazzas of 17th century Italy, your life as a master swordsman is a testament to skill, honour, and intrigue. Trained by the finest, your blade moves with a precision that few can match, a silent whisper of death for those who dare challenge you. Nobility by day, avenger by night, your duels are whispered legends, fought in the early dawn where only the mist is a witness to your victories.

Navigating the labyrinth of Renaissance politics, your sword defends the powerless and upholds justice amidst a tapestry of alliances as fluid as the swift strikes of your rapier. Each city holds a new story, from the opulent halls of Venice to the rugged fortresses of the Papal States, drawing you deeper into a world where your blade speaks louder than words.

Crafted for the Swordsman

This beautifully executed 17th Century Italian rapier features a very complex hilt and faceted pommel. The grip is hand wound with silver plated wire with woven wire rings top and bottom. The hand forged, high carbon steel, fully tempered blade features a wide fuller to lighten and strengthen it for thrusting and the heavy ricasso provides extra strength to the main stress area. Top quality, genuine leather scabbard with deeply engraved floral pattern on the throat and tip. This type of sword was deadly effective as a dueling weapon and companion to the 17th Century Italian swordsman.


Reliks Product ID 5747
Manufacturer SKU 501227
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 35 1/2"
Blade Material 1080 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 3/16"
Blade Width 13/16"
Edge Type Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
Full Length 46"
Weight 2 lb 8 oz

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