The Christus Imperat Rapier

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

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Circa 1600 Elizabethan Rapier

This style of Rapier is very elaborate in design and would have likely been used sometime between 1580-1620 during or shortly after the Elizabethan period. A rapier of this identical form and proportions is currently housed in The Royal Armouries, formerly known as the Tower of London. The dimensions of the sword fall within Elizabethan law where it had been outlawed by Queen Elizabeth herself to carry a rapier with a blade length over 40.5 inches. The blade has is etched on both sides of the ricasso with the Latin phrase CHRISTUS IMPERAT which translates to "Christ Commands".

How it is Made

The flamboyantly formed hilt is both beautiful, functional and a testament to the sword makers ability at the Windlass Steelcrafts forge.. Its' forward steel plates are pierced creating lavish birds amongest foliage. The “S” guard quillions and knuckle guard are slender for both defending the hand and having an upward loop to catch an opponent’s blade. The heavy pommel pulls the weight back into the wielders hand allows for a more balanced feel and tip control for fighting. The long slender blade is hand forged and expertly tempered to the perfect flex so it can absorb the shock of a powerful thrust without breaking. This rapier comes with a scabbard and can be used for historical fencing or WMA, HEMA.


Reliks Product ID 5981
Manufacturer SKU 501471
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 38 1/4"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness 3 1/16"
Blade Width 1"
Edge Type Edge Ready (Not Sharp)
Full Length 47"
Weight 3 lb

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R - Verified Buyer

"After having my sword (christus imperate rapier) & using it a few months it still performs like new. I get compliments on it all the time, truly a deadly piece of art. Looks like Christus is with me for a long time.˜ Much gratitude Reliks "

N - Verified Buyer

"For anyone interested- Having received, Christus Imperat sword - I am Chuffed with the practical quality of the sword. Its detail of the hilt and sword flexibility. I purchased it for its historical reference, being a copy of the one in the Tower of London armoury and its beauty of a Rapier Sword. The nicest looking Rapier I have seen- Feels and looks great in hand. After a few practicing swashbuckling -swing sessions, it feels a part of you. You too can feel Lord a Muck, or Pirate Debonair. Wonderful workmanship at the Cost! One little negative - the scabbard is not to the swords exaltation - instead being of good quality hand stitched leather, as probably meant to be in origin - it is of contemporary cheap - don't know what?? A wrong move by the manufacturer! This is my true and honest opinion of my referenced feed back. P Novak "

T - Verified Buyer

"Very attractive complex hilt, and it's different from many rapier hilts in being completely symmetrical, so it's completely ambidextrous and equally usable for a right handed or left handed person. The blade isn't sharpened and I didn't opt for the optional sharpening service, so that is fine with me. This is more of a display piece, or a piece for solo training because the point is very "Pointy" and wouldn't be safe in paired training without first grinding the point to a very round tip: I don't think that just taping the tip or adding some sort of rubber tip would be enough to make it safe if the point was left in it's original shape. The blade is fairly flexible but not overly whippy: Historically there was some variation in how rigid a rapier blade could be, many where very very stiff. In any case this isn't a criticism of this rapier because it's still stiff enough ! Note but too stiff for safe paired practice unless one is very careful in pulling one's thrusts and wearing good protective gear. I'm very happy with it as a good collectible and for solo practice."

S - Verified Buyer

"Fine blade, pleasure to learn on."

V - Verified Buyer

"A robust sword, I really like it."