Scottish Basket Hilt Backsword

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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The Highland "Horned Beastie"

The Basket-Hilt backsword dates from about 1760 and has an unusual basket with twin engraved "horned beastie" plaques and a blade with twin #fullers running most of its length. The original blade is German in origin but the blade and hilt are contemporary. Early highland swords almost invariably carried the double-edged broadsword blade, but by the time of the Battle of Culloden (1746) the single-edged backsword was at least equal in popularity. Although the blade of the original bears the"Andrea Ferara" name, it is unlikely that it was made by this renowned Spanish swordsmith, as many good quality blades of the period were so marked (in various spellings!), irrespective of the actual maker. The forged blade of our sword is in fully tempered high-carbon steel with a solid steel basket. The grip is wire-wrapped rayskin and the basket liner is of felt-covered leather.


Reliks Product ID 2381
Manufacturer SKU sh2003
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 32 1/2"
Blade Thickness at Guard .230"
Blade Width at Guard 1.25"
Edge Type Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
Full Length 39"
Handle Length 6 1/2"
Scabbard Leather
Weight 2 lb 9 oz

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