ATrim Cutlass

By: Kingston Arms

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Embossed Leather Scabbard

We could say that this sword is inspired by a Cutlass housed in a European Museum, dated to late 16th Century and representative of the early Buccaneer Cutlasses used to great effect against the East India Company on the Caribbean Sea. We could say it might have been an earlier German Messer blade, cut down and given a complex hilt to suit the needs of a cutthroat pirate. We could say a lot of things about this sword but the truth is that Gus Trim called us up one day and said ..

"Hey, I've got this nice falchion style blade I just stuck onto an old complex hilt I made a while back and tuned it all up with a wheel pommel. I think it's pretty sweet, and I think you will too. Want me to send it your way?" * - Gus doesn't actually talk like this.

When Gus asks this question there is only one answer, and that is a resounding yes! Of course he was right and we think you will agree - this is a sweet cutlass.The 25 3/4” blade features 20 1/2” of live edge with an unsharpened false edge on the back. Overall the sword is light and quick which should please the most discerning afficionado. A very detailed embossed leather scabbard in a thistle motif completes this unique sword piece.

Atrim Design

In addition to making several sword models for Kingston Arms, Gus has designed even more to produce overseas. Our goal was simple: to provide 90% of the performance of an Atrim original at 1/3 the cost. Getting there wasn't so simple... but after several rounds of prototypes our first approved swords are on the way! Now that we know the forge can pull it off we have several more designs in the works as well. These swords offer the best performance of any production sword currently available.


Reliks Product ID 6806
Manufacturer SKU SM36120
Available Options Remove The Edge (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 25 3/4"
Blade Material 9260 Spring Steel
Blade Thickness at Guard 6 mm
Edge Type Sharpened / Blunting Optional
Full Length 31 3/4"
Handle Length 4 1/4"
Point of Balance 4"
Scabbard Leather
Weight 2 lb 4 oz

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"It's excellently designed, and the detailing in the leather sheath is gorgeous!"

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"My finace loved it. He is an avid sword collector and has trained with multiple types of swords but this was his first one handed sword."

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