Landsknecht Katzbalger Sword

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Circa 16th Century

Beginning in the 14th century, Swiss pikemen established themselves as dominant mercenaries. But an equally courageous, stout competitor later appeared from Germany. Landsknecht troops challenged Swiss superiority in a "No Quarter" rivalry that lasted for years. The flamboyantly dressed German Landsknecht mercenary lived a harsh, brutal life and were famous for their giant, two-hand Flamberge sword. After using the Flamberge to break an enemy's row of front-line pikemen, a smaller, one-hand sword was employed for the ensuing close-quarters combat - the Katzbalger. Not as fancy as its slightly frivolous looking (but nonetheless deadly) big brother, the Katzbalger (roughly translates to "cat-gutter") was still highly styled and was designed to be an effective cut and thrust sword. Carried by all Landsknecht troops, including the pikemen and arquebusiers, this sword had an ornate "closed s" shaped guard and an extra long, fluted pommel. The Katzbalger was most assuredly respectful of its Renaissance roots. Our replica is just as battle ready as the originals. The beautifully rendered grip would do any Landskecht proud. The fluting in the pommel extends seamlessly into the wood grip, and the guard is expertly spiral twisted and terminates in half-spheres. The tempered, high carbon steel blade is adorned with a trio of fullers that slightly lighten the blade. The black leather scabbard is mildly decorated with leather bands that criss-cross and are knotted near the throat and has a unique steel tip. Guard is 4-1/4" wide. The blade is distal tapered (.160" at the guard and .1315" at the tip) which helps keep the sword's weight to only 2.4 lbs.


Reliks Product ID 7044
Manufacturer SKU 501825
Blade Length 29"
Blade Material 1075 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width 1 3/4"
Edge Type Factory Sharpened
Full Length 35 1/2"
Weight 2.4 lb

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