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Angus Trim Cutlass

Overall the sword is light and quick which should please the most discerning afficionado. A very detailed embossed leather scabbard in a thistle motif completes this unique sword piece.

Kingston Arms Cutlass

In addition to making several sword models for Kingston Arms, Gus has designed even more to produce overseas. Our goal was simple: to provide 90% of the performance of an Atrim original at 1/3 the cost. Getting there wasn't so simple... but after several rounds of prototypes our first approved swords are on the way! Now that we know the forge can pull it off we have several more designs in the works as well. These swords offer the best performance of any production sword currently available.

ATrim Cutlass

We could say that this sword is inspired by a Cutlass housed in a European Museum, dated to late 16th Century and representative of the early Buccaneer Cutlasses used to great effect against the East India Company on the Caribbean Sea. We could say it might have been an earlier German Messer blade, cut down and given a complex hilt to suit the needs of a cutthroat pirate.

angus trim functional cutlass

The Angus Trim Cutlass is made from a falchion style blade and Carribean style hilt

wheel pommel

A European wheel or disc pommel

embossed leather sheath

The embossed leather sheath is loaded with detail

cutlass sheathed

The cutlass in its sheath

cutlass hilt

The hilt is very unique created by Gus Trim

Unique Sword

This is a highly unique sword created by master sword smith Gus Trim

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