Hunting Sword

By: Cold Steel

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Hanger Sword

The hunting sword or Hanger is an iconic short bladed weapon (seldom over 26) that became quite popular in Europe and the Americas during the 16th and 17th centuries. Among the reasons for its popularity, outside of the dictates of fashion, was that it was an immensely handy, effective sword that was the perfect companion whether you were on foot, horseback, or on a crowded deck at sea! Like many of the originals, our version is quite stylish. The blade is satin polished with multiple fullers and a wicked false edge. The intricately hand carved handle is made from Rosewood and ornamented with nickel-silver pins. The scabbards style harmonizes engagingly with the swords design. Its made from heavy, black leather and capped at each end with an embossed nickel-silver throat and chape.


Reliks Product ID 7017
Manufacturer SKU 88CLQ
Blade Length 24"
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Edge Type Sharpened
Full Length 29 1/4"
Handle Length 5 1/4"
Handle Material Rosewood
Weight 34.9 oz

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