Spiked Battle Axe

By: Windlass Steelcrafts
This item can not be ordered at this time. It has been discontinued and can only be found through external links to our website.

The axe is almost as old an implement as the club. Metal axe heads were among the first handiworks created during the Copper Age. With all this history it is easy to see why a Medieval warrior would choose a good axe for battle. This new axe has a back spike to add to its effectiveness as a weapon of war. The steel head is pinned to a hardwood shaft that is curved at the end on this one hand axe. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Overall-231/4" Wt.-1 lb. 8 oz. Head-61/4" x 91/2" wide. 3/16" thick.


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Manufacturer SKU 600754
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Class Functional
Edge Type Un-Sharpened

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H - Verified Buyer

"Very nice quality... exactly what I expected"

J - Verified Buyer

"It's fine but the handle is something that the manufacturer may wish to modify (i.e. the butt-end) as it restricts the use of the spiked bit by locking the wrist and preventing a downwards swing; I will be sawing it down to make it usable. "