Viking Battle Axe

By: Cold Steel
Viking Battle Axe Viking Battle Axe

Viking Battle Axe

By: Cold Steel
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Drop Forged

The Cold Steel Viking Battle Axe is intended to be used as a stand-alone weapon, but it can be paired effectively with a sword, shield, or long sax. Its a cutting, chopping, stabbing dynamo that any Viking worth his salt would, would envy. Its drop forged and features a wide curved cutting edge that terminates in horns or points on the ends. This means you can stab, parry, or hook shields or limbs with ease. Comes with a premium 30 inch long American Hickory handle which is long enough to accommodate two handed use!


Reliks Product ID 7018
Manufacturer SKU 90WVBB
Blade Length 7 1/2"
Blade Material 1055 Carbon Steel
Full Length 30"
Handle Length 30"
Handle Material American Hickory
Weight 35.4 oz

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