Pipe Tomahawk

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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Hatchet and Peace Pipe

As dawn breaks over the verdant expanse of the New World, the air is crisp with the promise of untouched frontiers and the whispered dealings of fur and fortune. Among these traded treasures, the pipe tomahawk stands as a symbol of both peace and prowess—a tool bestowed by French fur trappers to forge alliances with the proud American Indians. This replica, meticulously crafted to echo its storied original, embodies the dual spirits of diplomacy and battle. With a head forged in the likeness of those carried over vast oceans and traded under the canopy of the expansive American wilderness, it serves as a reminder of the complex dance between cultures, where a single object could speak of both smoke-filled negotiations and the swift justice of the wilds. Here, the pipe tomahawk is not merely a weapon nor a simple peace pipe, but a bridge between worlds, handcrafted to endure as both a functional artifact and a testament to a pivotal era of exchange and survival.

Replicating a museum piece, Paul Chen's Pipe Hawk is fully functional both as a hatchet and a pipe, with a steel blade, bowl and mouthpiece. As in the original, a reaming pin (for clearing the smoke passage) is concelaed in the head of the end of the shaft.


Reliks Product ID 6824
Manufacturer SKU XH2119
Blade Length 2 1/4"
Color Silver
Full Length 18 1/4"
Weight 12 oz

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