Duna Duna Viking Sword

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10th Century Ulfberht

Unleash the warrior in you with the Duna Duna Sword, a reproduction of one of the four Viking swords sold at Sotheby's auction in London in 1984. This magnificent sword is part of the Musee de l'Armee, Paris collection and dates back to the mid-10th through mid-11th century. Originating from Scandinavia, the Viking Age was a fascinating time of history characterized by trade, exploration, and warfare. The Vikings were renowned for their seafaring skills, and their swords were an integral part of their culture. The Duna Duna Sword is based on Peterson type X, a distinctive design with a wide and straight blade, making it perfect for slashing and thrusting.

Who is Ulfberht?

Ulfberht was a swordsmith who lived during the Viking Age. He is known for creating swords with a particular type of steel that was far superior to anything produced at the time. These swords were characterized by a distinctive inscription that read "Ulfberht" inlaid into the blade. The swords were highly prized by warriors and nobles alike for their strength, durability, and sharpness.

Ulfberht swords were so advanced that many historians believed they were produced in modern times, but research has since shown that they were made by Ulfberht and his team of skilled craftsmen using techniques that were centuries ahead of their time. The swords were so successful that they became a brand of sorts, with other swordsmiths imitating the Ulfberht name and style in an attempt to cash in on their popularity.

How is the DUNA + DUNA XX Sword Made?

The Duna Duna Sword is made from EN45 high carbon steel and features a full tang, which adds to its durability and balance. It has been heat-treated to a Rockwell of 48-52, ensuring that it is both strong and resilient. This sword comes complete with a scabbard, and is perfect for the sword enthusiast, Viking re-enactor or makes a nice addition to any sword collection.

The Ulfberht engraved signature is expected from a sword of this era, while DUNA + DUNA XX is a bit of cryptic message that has yet to be fully deciphered. It could be a part of a phrase intended to bring the wielder strength or luck or it may be another name, of the wielder or another smith working at the Ulbehrt forge.

The Duna Duna Sword is a remarkable piece of history that captures the essence of Viking culture. This magnificent sword is an exceptional reproduction of an iconic artifact, and owning it is a tribute to the legacy of the Viking Age. Add the Duna Duna Sword to your collection and experience the thrill of wielding a piece of history.


Reliks Product ID 7162
Manufacturer SKU AH7014R
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Hardness 48-52 HRC
Blade Length 31 3/4"
Blade Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Type Tempered/Functional
Edge Type Edge Ready / Sharpening Optional
Full Length 37 1/4"
Grip Length 4"
Handle Length 6 1/4"
Handle Material Leather
Scabbard Wood/Leather
Sword Weight 2.8 lb
Sword, Scabbard Weight 4 lb

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