The Venetian Schiavona

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Cat's Head Pommel

Almost every major arms and armour collection boasts at least one schiavona. They range from highly decorative to bare bone plain. The baskets on the schiavona are made in a great variety of forms, are all excellent protection for the sword hand and wrist. Almost all schiavona have a steel basket and a brass "cat's head" pommel. It was typically fitted with a double edged blade, that are made for swordplay that utilizes the cut as the main combat tactic. Some of the schiavona blades were so thin it is hard to believe, and back up the fact that this is a deadly cutting sword. The swordsman, armed with a schiavona and buckler, would be hard to stand against, and woe to an opponent armed with a rapier. A beautiful and important sword that saw use throughout Europe. This replica sword of the Palazzo Ducale Venetian Republic is one of the top types of these weapons. Early Schiavona types have been produced before 1600 and making their top type was closed to the annexation of the French army during the Napoleonic wars. The wooden handle is covered with leather.


Reliks Product ID 7038
Manufacturer SKU AH4244
Available Options Sharpening Service (add to cart to select)
Blade Length 31"
Blade Material EN45 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width at Guard 2"
Edge Type Edge Ready (Not Sharp)
Full Length 39"
Grip Length 4 3/4"
Weight 3.8 lb

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