Sword of Baldur

By: Windlass Steelcrafts

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Norse Deity

In the pantheon of Norse deity, Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg (thus a sibling to Thor and Loki) and as such, was destined to reign after Odin. Beloved by all the gods but Loki (surprised?), Baldur is known as a figure who bestows joy to all those who share his company. Old Norse poetry relates the death of Baldur as a tragedy and a harbinger of Ragnarok. In honour of lesser-known siblings everywhere, we've designed this classic Viking sword as a tribute to the fairest member of Asgard. The leather grip of this sword is laser engraved with the three runes that we feel most befit the Norse God. Some scholars believe the name Baldur translates to "bold" so the rune of courage has been added. In her attempt to save Baldur from harm, Frigg asked all things to swear never to harm him (except mistletoe) so the rune of protection has also been included. Finally, Baldur was also known to always be prepared for battle, so the rune of strength completes the array. The blade is etched with runes that roughly can be translated as the spelling of "Baldur". The leather sheath (with integral belt) is covered with a layer of black suede that is adorned with top grain lace, throat, and chape. The throat and chape bear a Viking symbol for the sun, as Baldur was known as a shining light to all who knew him. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts and arrives sharpened from the factory.


Reliks Product ID 6929
Manufacturer SKU 501781
Blade Length 31"
Blade Material 1065 High Carbon Steel
Blade Width 2 1/8"
Edge Type Sharpened
Full Length 37 1/2"
Grip Length 4 1/8"
Weight 2 lb 11 oz

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