Duna Duna Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

duna duna viking sword

Add the Duna Duna Sword to your collection and experience the thrill of wielding a piece of history.

viking age sword

Viking Age hand forged sword (based on Peterson type X).

duna duna scabbard

The Duna Duna Viking Sword comes complete with a wood cored scabbard that has been finished with real leather.

ulfberht pommel

The hand forged sword features a full tang and peened pommel.

duna duna sword hilt

Leather wrapped handle grip on the Duna Duna Viking Sword.

ulfberht viking sword

The Vikings were renowned for their seafaring skills, and their swords were an integral part of their culture.

10th century viking sword

This magnificent sword is part of the Musee de l'Armee, Paris collection and dates back to the mid-10th through mid-11th century.

ulfberht signature

These swords were characterized by a distinctive inscription that read "Ulfberht" inlaid into the blade.

duna signature

The Ulfberht engraved signature is expected from a sword of this era, while DUNA + DUNA XX is a bit of cryptic message that has yet to be fully deciphered.

ulfberht sword

Ulfberht swords were so advanced that many historians believed they were produced in modern times, but research has since shown that they were made by Ulfberht and his team of skilled craftsmen using techniques that were centuries ahead of their time.

duna duna sword

The Duna Duna Sword is made from EN45 high carbon steel and features a full tang, which adds to its durability and balance.

deepeeka ulfberht sword

The swords were so successful that they became a brand of sorts, with other swordsmiths imitating the Ulfberht name and style in an attempt to cash in on their popularity.

deepeeka duna duna sword

This sword comes complete with a scabbard, and is perfect for the sword enthusiast, Viking re-enactor or makes a nice addition to any sword collection.

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