Wooden Roman Gladius

By: Windlass Steelcrafts
Wooden Roman Gladius Wooden Roman Gladius

Wooden Roman Gladius

By: Windlass Steelcrafts
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Not only were wooden swords used by Gladiators for training, but if he survived the arena and lived long enough to retire, a symbolic wooden gladius, or rudis, was awarded as a token of discharge and freedom. Our practice sword is made of solid steamed beechwood with a darker contrasting stain on the pommel and hilt. Fully seasoned, it can take the abuse of sparring, even edge-to-edge, although wood can break along the grain.


Reliks Product ID 4996
Manufacturer SKU 600774
Blade Length 20"
Blade Thickness at Guard 5/8"
Blade Width at Guard 1 3/4"
Full Length 27"
Weight .75 lb

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5/5 average from 16 reviews

Reliks Customer Reviews

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M - Verified Buyer

"Excellent quality, no marks on the wood at all, very solid feel"

H - Verified Buyer

"It was a great retirement gift. Somehow thought it was made in Canada till I got it but it was a memorable and good surprise. "

J - Verified Buyer

"Very well made. In dimension and the way it's fitted together, it closely resembles a 'real' gladius, and seems as well balanced, providing a good notion of how it would feel handling the real deal. And it's intriguing to think that the gladius, which may have been seen by some as a symbol of oppression, was turned into a symbol of freedom by making it out of wood."

A - Verified Buyer

"It was better than I had hoped for. And it did not take long to receive the item. Thank you."

M - Verified Buyer

"My son loved it. Sturdy and well built."

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